4 Ways To Simplify Your Life

A rainy day….the kind of day I savour. Perhaps it’s that I’m English and my Mom was always so fond of rainy days, or maybe it’s because I’m so darn pale that my body actually enjoys avoiding sun at all cost, but I feel so happy when the weather is gloomy. Not freezing cold, or pouring down monsoon style all day long ( which happens often here) but drizzling. I think of reading a book or snuggling in bed all day with my daughter.

I’m savouring this rainy gloomy calm day by sharing with you my 5 steps to helping simplify life so that you can spend more time enjoying life instead of feeling overwhelmed by it. These steps are either what I have done or what I am in the process of doing! If you would like to join me on this journey to less is more, use the hashtag #simplifyitall on social media.

Create a morning routine

I’ve been inspired lately with the notion of creating a morning routine that sets me up for the day. This can be as simple as writing my to do list, spending time homeschooling Kaya, meal planning, dorking around with a new recipe ( yes dorking is a word). I don’t have time to perhaps journal or read much but since I don’t work til Kaya is in bed ( or when she is playing) I do have a little time in the morning to plan the day.

Inspiration & Motivation…

Morning Pages a must if you are a writer and have the time!

Creating a morning daily routine for a stress free day

My Morning Routine

Say No

If you are being asked to do something, read something, say something etc always ask yourself:

Do I really need to do this/read this/etc?

Is this important for me to take the time to do/read?

Is this helping me? Will it help someone I care about?

Be selective with your time and energy. I do this by unsubscribing to newsletters or mailings at one time I opted into but no longer read. Seeing my inbox super full of stuff that may at some point in time have interested me but now it’s like a burden….nope, gone. I’ve also learned to say no ( as much as possible) from taking on any client or task that feels wrong to me. If I get a gut instinct that it will not work out or it’s a waste of my time and energy, even if it looks lucrative I will opt out. 9 out of 10 times my gut is right too, and when I have ignored it I have to say no the hard way which is more uncomfortable and can take longer.

Declutter Like A Mad Woman

If you are like me, you may have sentimental value attached to random things you possess. Like clothing you thought would look cute when styled with an item you didn’t yet own ( and failed to ever find) and even though you never wore it, you still feel like hmmmm maybe one day I will find that skirt to go with it….yeah, better keep it for later…

Or perhaps it’s a book that had a smashing cover design but you never read it… and it’s been collecting dust for over 5 years.

Or that area in your living room that you need to strategically hide when people come to visit because its contents are so random and half destroyed that not even you dare to assess if you can actually still use any of the trinkets and random USB cords and….you get where I’m going with this.

Decluttering is a big deal. Not because you have anyone to impress ( if I came over and your place was messy I wouldn’t think twice about it; chances are mine is messier) by cleaning but because you will make your life soooo much easier not owning as much stuff. I swear, this is possibly the best thing I have done in 2014 and I will continue to declutter next year.


15 clutter busting routines for any family

Don’t just declutter, de-own

Become a conscious consumer

Although I dislike using the term consumer to describe anyone, the fact is that humans buy things they don’t have the time or ability to make. And even when we make things, chances are we buy materials to make things. I believe in the power of buying less and making more and becoming aware of what we buy. Who made it? Where did it come from? What’s it made out of? Has it been genetically modified? How will it benefit you and your family? These are extremely important questions that are integral for not only our wellbeing but for that of others.


The Rise of Collaborative Consumption

Living Simply With Children I promote this book as often as I can as it has inspired our journey to living with less and downsizing. 

How are you simplifying your life? What works for your family?


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  1. I wish I stuck my routines out. They tend to last about three days and then I give up. Although I've gotten into a really good blogging/writing groove this year which is exciting. Maybe it means I'm finally beginning to become a real adult! lol

  2. Great tips! I have the super full email box that is, in reality, all interesting. Just not interesting to me anymore. I need to go in and unsubscribe to a lot. I hate having unread emails but I just can't read every single one!

  3. Love these and totally agree, doing any or all of these things always make me feel less stressed!

  4. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! I say a successful morning routine begins with a good bedtime routine! Prep the night before! It makes a huge difference! I think we can all use a little more simplicity in life! Have a great day!

  5. I have started saying no to things that I really don't feel like I could put my full energy into. I have also cleaned up my mail subscriptions and even who and what I follow on social media.

  6. I really like the 15 Clutter Busting Routine Tips link and I added the Living Simply With Children book to my Amazon wishlist! Thanks! Also, I kind of mentioned your Chasing Dreams course on my blog http://www.tinabumblebee.com/2014/06/my-florida-dream-board-lyla-photos.html

  7. I love rainy, gloomy days as well. It's almost like they urge me to slow down + just relish in the moment I'm in. I simplify my life by living with less: less clothing, less materials, less processed foods, etc. I really need to simplifying my mornings though. Right now, they're a bustle of getting dressed for work, cursing that I didn't set things up the night before, and trying to find some sort of nutrition to throw in my purse for later. It's messy + unsettling to start the day like that every day. Thanks for the inspiration + the links to help set-up a nice morning routine 🙂

  8. This last move has me about as decluttered and simplified as I can be right now. We have gotten rid of so much, and I've made peace with a lovely routine that really works for me (so much so that when it gets interrupted, I find myself annoyed!). I'm so looking forward to the simplify blog series from you. It's important for us as women, wives, partners, mothers and even more important for us to teach it to the young people in our lives!

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