Simplifying it all

Simplify. Simplify it all.

Are you feeling me on this? Are you at the place where you want to focus on what matters most to you, perhaps downsize/declutter, make your blogging seem doable and not complex, have social media be manageable and not overwhelming…

mmmhmmm. I keep hearing from readers since I’ve changed the blog to focusing on simplicity that this whole concept of simplifying life is what you are feeling like you need.

So I’ve decided to do regular monthly features that focus on simplifying different aspects of our lives. I am looking for contributors to guest post on these topics too, so please get in touch with me! I want to showcase your blog and learn how you are simplifying your life.

What topics will the series cover?

Simplify Blogging
You and I knew this one was on the top of the list right? I’m on a mission to get focused on what I really need to do to maintain my blogs without getting lost in the social media vortex or feeling overwhelmed about getting traffic, SEO, planning my calendar… I’ll be featuring how I am simplifying blogging in this series.

Simplify Life
When I launched my free ecourse last month, I realized the importance of helping women pursue their dreams. And what is an essential part of that? Getting rid of what weighs you down. And that is simplifying. Anything pertaining to helping myself ( and you!) feel inspired to declutter, debug, destress….

Simplify Photography
When I first started learning how to shoot in manual, I remember the time my friend- a professional photographer- tried to explain to me on skype all the technical terms. I stared blankly at him. I have a phobia of technical terms. I’m getting over it but it’s taken a ton of research and trial + error to figure out the mechanics of my DSLR.

Simplify Home
Nothing makes me happier than helping Mamas. Nothing! I want Moms to let go of the feeling they need to do it all. You don’t!

Simplify Wellness
Easy to do yoga poses, health tips that aren’t overwhelming or out there. Whole foods recipes. And with busy Moms in mind.

Anything else I should add to the simplify features we will be having here? Please let me know, and also get in touch if you would like to contribute!!!


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  1. Simplifying home is the most appealing / hardest to do!

  2. Jessie says: Reply

    I am going to LOVE this new series! Thanks for putting so much thought and effort into such an important subject to share.

    P.S. Maybe one day I can share what I do with my photography to streamline my editing, etc.

  3. All of these sound amazing! I love it!

  4. I need to read this….. I cannot wait!!! <3

  5. Really looking forward to this feature! I've been trying to do the same thing in my life, identifying the unnecessary and reevaluating and enjoying the important things in life.

  6. Simplifying blogging and photography…can't wait!

  7. So refreshing. YES! I'll be reading!

  8. Lady i am really feeling your simplicity vibe and I just love it! SO excited and cannot wait to see!

  9. Fantastic series! Looking forward to it …

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