Taking Action ( #chasingdreams)

Our final lesson for Chasing Dreams my friends is today! I wanted to post this sooner but we had limited internet the past week, which is good as lesson 3 is an important one and I’m glad we actually had more time to plan our callings.

Today we are focusing on the thing that causes people the most fear: taking action. Putting your dreams into reality. Pursuing your callings even if others are not supporting your decision to move forward and change…grow….

I am not going to pretend taking action is super easy. Nor is completing your goals an overnight process. But if you’ve done the previous lessons ( available here) you are honestly on the right path.

Taking action is by putting one foot/keystroke/intention in front of the other and continuing. Your path will evolve. It may even change. We’re going to lay a foundation here to help you stay motivated and keep going.

1.) Create a support system

It is INTEGRAL you connect with others who have the same callings as you do as well as those who have achieved their calling and tread the path before you. This is not optional. Creating a blog and sharing your journey is a good starting place to help express your daily ups and downs and evolution, but as seasoned bloggers will tell you, ya gotta step outside of your blog and connect with where your tribe are already hangin’ out.

Think: forums, social media, big blogs, meetup groups, hashtags

Don’t be shy. Introduce yourself when you’ve found where your tribe ( the people who share the same goals and/or worldview as you do) hang out. Ask questions. Share your struggles. Ask for suggestions.

Again, a community/support system of some kind filled with people who understand what you are trying to attain is essential.

2.) Find ways to stay motivated

We discussed in the last lesson creating a Dream Board filled with your intentions, next I had you plan your year ahead. I want you to take this even further so that you have a way to inspire you when your goals seem lofty. Creating a support system as recommended above is huge, the second element is doing little things to keep you motivated on a daily basis or when you are feeling uninspired.

You could create a playlist filled with podcasts from people who inspire you.

You could make a list of movies that pertain to your callings and rent them once a week.

You could have a mentor you schedule a weekly call with.

You can make a reading list filled with books aligned with you callings.

Next week we are going to be doing a bonus lesson with extra resources to help you! Make sure to stop by the Facebook group and share any of your insights, or leave a comment below!


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  1. Ohhhh I am totally behind on this and just now understanding what's goin on. I work all weekend but I'm actually going to start from the beginning this week, probably Monday. I joined the Facebook group too 🙂 I'm excited… this is exactly what I need right now because I'm feeling both stuck and full of desire to move on with my life.

    1. Take all the time you need to do the lessons Tina! Glad to have you on board and many feel the same way you do with regards to feeling stuck.

  2. Just found your blog and loving it as well as your free course. Thank you for it.

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