Top Apps For Bloggers (Part 1)

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I haven’t mentioned it much here on the blog, but in addition to writing I do social media and content strategy (as well as copywriting) for businesses. What I’ve told my clients is the same thing I am going to state here: how important apps are to tell your story, increase your audience, and spread the word about what means most to you, as well as using them as a creative outlet.

The only difference is that most of my clients either don’t yet have blogs or are relatively new to blogging, and typically don’t incorporate themselves/their personality into their business sites the same way a lifestyle blogger does.  Which is where I come in: we work on personal branding throughout their site and social media.

For those of you who have a lifestyle blog, you’ve probably got that part down and are at this point looking for ways to take better pictures, connect with more readers/fellow bloggers, and learn how to edit your photos. This post has you in mind!

Because I have quite a few must-have app recommendations, I’m dividing this post into two parts. So stay tuned to part two!

Digital Storytelling

Stellar is a game changer for the visual savvy storyteller. If you’re passionate about Instagram, Pinterest, and video sharing, this app will get you hooked. With the amazing typography, you get to create gorgeous stories about anything you want, and can repost other people’s stories.
Share your story with Tapestry. Use taps, photos, GIFs and text to create beautiful tappable stories.
Although I wouldn’t have included this app if it was still 2 dollars ( as it honestly has some issues) Pippit App is now free ( as of this writing) and I feel it has potential. Pippit App allows you to combine your iphone photos, blog feed, and videos all into one place. It has very little engagement right now ( I have 4 followers…. oh well) and seems to be mainly a place where you just post your own stuff and don’t connect as much with others, but like I said it has potential. Bringing social media and blogging together is a great idea and helps a person tell their story. In time this app may grow and increase in engagement.
EyeEm is an interesting photo community. You take/upload photos and connect with other people, making it sort of a social media app. You can also enter into themed photo contests. All in all I’m having fun with it!

Express your creativity with videos, photos, gifs, animations and drawing!

By far my favorite photo app! I’m impressed with the filters and design, as well as the photo prompts. I highly recommend downloading Little Moments!
An extremely popular  (and rightly so) editing app filled with dreamy filters. It’s free but has awesome extra filter packs you can buy if you so choose. And you probably will…
Word Swag is an excellent app that was recommended to me on Instagram. It’s versatile, you can use the cool background to make quotes, or use your own images. The fonts are awesome too.
If you like geometric shapes, you will love Fragment! It’s great to play around with a different to all the other editing apps out. 
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  1. I blame you for my phone storage going crazy after I download these apps lol. Great post, thank you so much for the tips!


    1. LOL! You should see my phone, always low space from all the apps on it.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, I am going to go and puruse through the above apps as I only have one VscoCam, excited! xx


  3. you know I love me some apps! I've got to go and download these, I already have the little moments app and your right its awesome!

  4. Jessie says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks Elizabeth!
    In our country more popular App is VscoCam? and I ам very happy that look your post with interesting "helpers"

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  7. I've never heard of some of these! Definitely checking them out!

  8. Here is another one I would recommend. I'm an Android user and I use an app called Studio+, it's also available in the Apple Store.

    1. I absolutely love Studio+!!

  9. Downloading Steller right now! I can't wait to try it out!

    Thanks for sharing these,

    1. I think you will love it Kara! Let me know if you do, and also tell me your ID on there and I will follow you!

  10. This was sooo useful, downloaded a majority of the apps you listed! I can't wait to use them, thank you so much for this great post!!!

    Love, Dalal xo |

  11. Thank you for this recommendations! I have tried some of them but will make sure to check them all out. Already blaming you for my iphone storage going to full, he he!

  12. I'm so excited to try these! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Em says: Reply

    Love this! Thanks for all the info… checking them all out now! 🙂 xox

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