Top Apps For Bloggers (Part 2)

Last week we delved into a few of my favorite apps, from the ones I use to edit my photos to digital storytelling platforms ( my favorite being Steller). I’m going to add the apps I use to stay organized, network, learn from, and more. That’s right, I’m going to be adding a part three to this series as I geek out on apps. 
As a blogger, you’re going to need a place to put stock images, your own photos, notes, drafts, and even videos and mp3s. So let’s start with storage and organization. 
I use Google Drive on my desktop to upload or backup thing I want to use on my phone, or just for future use. My husband uses Drive for work and has had issues with it ( slow upload speed) and it’s not our all time favorite storage app, but if you have desktop photos/files you want on other devices, Drive can be helpful.
You’ve seen me mention Dropbox over and over on the blog, and I’m still loving it. In fact I have upgraded to the monthly plan and backup movies and coursework on it, as well as most of the ebooks I buy. The best app ever! 
Similar to Dropbox, Box is an app that let’s you store your stuff in a cloud. You get 10 gigs of free storage, which isn’t a lot but let me let you in on something…if you have several storage apps, changes are you won’t need to pay for any of them. Just sayin’….
My second favorite after Dropbox, Documents App by Readdle has a great layout and makes reading an ebook more enjoyable than even on the kindle app. You can upload/download zip files onto it, as well as watch movies right in the app. It’s a must have in my opinion!
You probably already know I’m a fan of this one, but it just deserves as much mention as I can possibly give it! Evernote is the best note take app, period. You can scan things into it ( business cards, wine labels, etc) take photos and add notes to them, share notebooks between a group of people ( maybe bloggers? maybe joint venture ideas? ) and also record audio. 
Turn your notes and quotes into miniature pieces of art, or at least beautifully designed. 
This free calendar is visual and design savvy. You can integrate it with your other calendars or daily tasks into it, as well as your contacts.
Next week, I will write the third installment, delving into social networking apps for bloggers as well as how to use apps to get ideas for posts. Make sure to check out my blogging resources page for additional tips!


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  1. I think evernote is so so helpful!

  2. Taylor says: Reply

    Thanks for these! I didn't have a few!

  3. I just started using Evernote and I love it! I am able to jot down blog post ideas quickly and easily and it automatically saves them. There are other features that I haven't even grasped yet, that I need to figure out on it.

    I'm low on my Dropbox space, but I'm not ready to upgrade just yet. Is it worth the monthly fee?

  4. Discovered Notegraphy via this blog. Thanks! It's a pretty cool app. 🙂

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