Carly Stephan On Blogging And Spreading Peace

Today on Simplify Blogging, we’re joined by someone I am constantly inspired by. Carly is an omni-passionate community development program manager and writer. She works on projects in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region focusing on cultivating sustainable livelihoods, the empowerment of women, community enterprise, diverse economies, and positive social change.

Carly’s blog, Pockets of Peace, is chock full of spirited musings on peace, wellness and living an inspired and light-filled life. Head on over to immerse yourself – and share your thoughts and stories too!

Today, she talks with us about how we can make big changes in our world using blogging and Social Media, plus tips for bloggers looking to create a manifesto.

SS: Tell us about yourself and your blog!!!
I work as an international aid and development practitioner, at the Centre for Social Change in Brisbane. We work on engaging community effectively around social change, and are particularly focused on looking at diverse economic practices to improve community livelihood options. I currently manage a community enterprise project we have running in Fiji.
My blog, Pockets of Peace, was born out of a desire to write about and explore wellbeing, spirituality and personal empowerment – topics I found myself chatting to friends and family about (still do!), but I felt compelled to bring it in to a more public setting (after MUCH internal debate) a couple of years ago. I felt that what I was learning and implementing in my own life could also be of service to others.

SS: I know you are a fellow activist and peace seeker. For those of us looking to make a change in the world, how can we use our blogs and social media to make a difference?
I love this question!
But before we look at making a difference through our blogs and social media, it’s SO important first and foremost that we all commit to bringing the state of peace within ourselves. It’s absolutely imperative that we start there. As Thich Nhat Hanh says (and many other wise sages have also taught), ‘Peace in Me, Peace in the World’. This suggestion may seem super simple, but I’ve learnt they’re also often the hardest commitments to make. The ripple effect of our inner peace knows no bounds.
In terms of using our blogs and social media to raise awareness and catalyse positive social change, there are a few things we can do:
– Create a sidebar icon or some other promotional space on your website and link it straight to your chosen cause, charity or organisation.
– Share news from the social media pages of movements and causes you resonate with, helping to raise awareness of the issues.
– Write a blog post featuring your chosen organisation or movement every so often, perhaps coinciding with one of their fundraising drives, or a particular event they’re hosting. You can plan interview posts with the founder, or staff members or a particular project.
– Donate a portion of earnings from one or more of your products from your flagship range of products and programs.
– As above, if you have products/services to offer, choose a day where you – Collaborate with your chosen organisation and choose a fundraising or awareness-raising avenue that aligns with the values of both of your endeavours.

SS: How do you bring peace into your daily life?

With rituals that lovingly blend divinity and devotion to self, wrapped in the sturdy container of discipline. For me, cultivating inner peace is a daily practice, like brushing my teeth. It’s not something you can just achieve by doing a course or reading about it – implementing practices every day is absolutely essential. The integrity of my energy body (beyond the physical) is critical to my inner peace, and cleansing and charging it is so important to my well being.
I begin my day with a gratitude practice, and take the time to give myself a hand or foot massage while still in bed. This really gets me back in to my body after dreamtime. I also do a sitting meditation, which may be a chakra cleanse, or a mantra meditation. I also incorporate some kind of moving meditation in to my day – this could be dancing to tunes in my home, or fluidly moving my body through a few yoga asanas, or a mindful walk.
I feel it’s important for women especially to engage in some form of movement meditation, as it’s a very feminine and soulful way to meditate.

SS: You’ve managed to create some gorgeous, inspiring paper goods via Emma-Kate. Any advice for bloggers looking to create similar offerings on their sites?  
The collaboration between Emma-Kate ( and I developed from a pretty instant kindred connection when I commissioned her to design my Pockets of Peace blog header a couple of years ago. After we finished with the header we set the intention to work together on more things, and when the Pockets of Peace Manifesto inspiration hit, I ran it by her and she loved the concept. We combined my words with her heavenly artwork, and the Pockets of Peace Manifesto paper good series was born! 
I think the key piece of advice I’d give is to find a designer (or artist/copywriter/blogger) you feel really aligned with and establish a great working relationship with them. Working together should ideally leave you both feeling mutually jazzed! That spark is the necessary ingredient for magical collaboration.

SS:What are your blogging goals for 2015?
My guiding word for 2015 is Expansion, and this definitely rings true for Pockets of Peace. I plan on launching a new interview series, doing a couple of collaborations with some amazing peeps, writing an eBook, and maybe even running an eCourse! That’s the plan for now anyway… there could be a lot more. We’ll see how it all pans out for me in this year of expansion!
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