Thinking of writing a book?


Have you been meaning to write a book for some time but felt intimidated at the prospect? Maybe you procrastinated ( like I did) and said you would get to it, but kept putting it off. Or maybe you just weren’t sure whether or not you would do a 10 page free ebook or a full on novel.

I feel you. And so do many other infopreneurs. What’s an infopreneur, I hear you saying?

Well, it may be you. You could also say writerpreneur, contentpreneur, etc. In other words, an infopreneur is someone who makes a living from creating content. My friend Regina is a great example. You can read what she wrote about infopreneurship here.

But back to creating your first book.

Regina, Brittany, Ashley, Jenna, and yours truly have created a support group and program that is designed to help writers get that book out of their head and into the real world. Or virtual world. Either way!

It’s called InfoBoMo, and it begins in May. For the whole month, you get tips and lesson plans plus a cool group of writers to join ( if you do the super affordable paid version) and a free welcome kit that will help you get clear and focused ( which is totally FREE).

My job is to help you craft a Social Media strategy for your book ( or infoproduct). The other lovely ladies will help you with editing, writing, and design tips.

Check out InfoBoMo for more info and how to get started! You’ll get your free welcome kit and can choose which option is best for you.

Can’t WAIT to work with you!


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  1. Exciting! I'm finishing up my first ebook so will definitely check out this series!

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