How to become a prolific writer

how to become a prolific writer

how to become a prolific writer

You want to write in depth, pillar blog posts that truly connect with your Ideal Clients and help them.

And you’d like to get that novel out of the way, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Oh that’s right! You need to create content for the eCourse ( or two) you’ve got planned.

And those guest posts….

AND the ebooks you’d like to create.

Let me just start by saying that if you have a PhD in procrastination and have as much motivation to write as a kid studying for a geometry test, I feel you. I feel you hard.

You see, I’ve wanted to proudly declare that I’m a writer for over 2 decades. Yes, ever since I was a teenager.

After my Dad passed away when I was 19, I thought it was time to write a memoir of my travels between 3 continents and the unique people I met along the way. There was that billionaire I stayed with ( I’m dead serious) for two weeks when I attempted to intern at his archaeology museum. And all the interesting ‘yachties’ that lived in my hometown.

I had a lot to go on. I could have written that damn memoir, if only for myself!

But I didn’t. And this is one of my biggest regrets.

The reality is that I wasn’t ready. I had no idea the discipline it would take to write 150-300 pages delving into my interesting yet painful past.

So trust me when I say I get it. I know the struggle it takes to sit down and write just about anything.

I actually just wrote a 1300 word travel article for a client that I was THRILLED to work for. And for some reason, it was hard as hell to find the motivation to actually write it. I had to do research and make sure it was what the client wanted ( still waiting to hear back if they like it) and it was stressful to complete.

And that was one of the easier articles I’ve had to craft.

Let’s get started on how you can start becoming a prolific writer for not only your own site and content, but for the publications and clients you’d love to collaborate with.

How to become a prolific blogger

As a Life or Health Coach and content creator, you’re well aware that by writing posts that solve a particular problem for your readers, they may take an interest in working with you, or purchasing your book/product.

And epic blog posts make you stand out in your coaching niche. They show people you care about them, and you know you’re stuff.

Your posts will get the attention of influencers and even brands. And if they’re optimized for Pinterest, they could even go viral on that powerful social media platform ( that’s my fav).

What I do to get inspired and what I tell my coaching clients may sound a wee bit out there, but here me out.

  • Read more. If there is anything you take from today’s post, please let it be this. Reading more ( or listening to audiobooks) is by far the BEST thing I’ve done for my writing, regardless of what I’m reading.
  • Pursue a creative passion. I’m a rather sucky painter but enjoy painting immensely. Sitting down to paint with my daughter has inspired me to be more creative in general. Creative habits open doors in your mind that can lead to better overall creativity and help you become prolific.
  • Give into your geeky habits. If binge watching Game of Thrones, do it. If you’re a fellow gamer, spend a day or two playing Clock Tower 3.
  • Find your favorite writing spot. Whether it’s your local green juice place or a hole in the wall restaurant, head to wherever you feel most comfortable writing.
  • Use writing as a response to daily life. Had a bad day? Write about it. Just enrolled in Integrative Nutrition? Write about how that makes you feel. Get in the habit of using writing as a response to the good and bad.
  • Limit the time you spend with people who drain your energy. My thoughts are to completely avoid any energy vampires, including those on social media that troll comment threads and groups.
  • Find a writing motivator. This is a person who supports your creative side, and who may be a fellow coach.

Your second step is to get clear on your Ideal Reader, which is your potential future client. You are not writing blog posts to impress your peers. So unless your Ideal Reader is a fellow Life or Health Coach, don’t write for other coaches.

Write for the people that you can best serve with your expertise.

Once you’ve gotten super clear on your Ideal Client and blog reader, do yourself a favor and conduct market research. This means actually getting in touch with people in your network or current blog readers that match your Ideal Reader/Client profile, and asking them what they’re struggling with.

If you’re a Life Coach who specialized in helping young women overcome self esteem issues and the women you speak with tell you they are yearning to feel good about their current weight, write down 3 blog post ideas around that topic. A few examples:

  • How to feel good about yourself, regardless of your size
  • How to finally love your curves
  • 3 ways to love yourself more

If you encounter resistance in writing your new blog post series, repeat the steps I mentioned above in how to get inspired. And when you run out of blog post ideas, continue doing market research.

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How to guest post more often

Guest posting can be an important way to get your name out in the wellness and coaching world, and help you grow your email list. My mentor Jeff Goins attributes guest posting to one of the key factors to growing his following and even getting a book deal.

But like all the other content you could create for your brand, it takes motivation to both pitch and write those guest posts.

What I’ve found to help you get in the mood ( so to speak) is to focus on how awesome you’ll feel by having that post published on Mind Body Green, or article published in Inspired Coach. 

Be warned ahead of time that getting your pitch rejected may kill your motivation to guest post, in the beginning. At some point, you’ll get used to the fact that some publications say no, and others don’t reply at all.

But many will say yes. Focus on those yeses and use them as fuel to become a prolific writer for influencer’s sites.

Want to create more content for your blog? Or write a book? Learn how to become a prolific writer in today's post!

Writing a book/eBook 

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m in the process of finally writing my first book. And I’m actually almost finished with a short travel guide that will be published on Amazon Kindle.

I’ll be honest with you: I’ve been slacking on writing that first book. The good news is I’ve slacked on it because Mrs. Multipassionate Entrepreneur over here got this random idea one day to turn a long blog post I had written about living in Phuket into a guide published on Kindle I mentioned.

And I’m actually grateful for being sidetracked. That passion I felt for publishing a travel guide was so strong I just couldn’t ignore it. And I’ll feel so darn good when it’s published.

There are a number of reasons why writers & coaches feel intimidated by writing a book of any kind. Even short eBooks that are 30 pages are still 30 pages. That’s signifigantly longer than your average blog post. 

What has worked for me is to map out an outline of the book project. I start with the Ideal Reader and why they’re buying my book. I then do everything I can to feel good when I’m fleshing it out.

I’ve found that tricking myself into writing the first few chapters has been key. I sit down and put a movie on ( usually something from the 80s #dontjudge) and write using Evernote or another app. This works even better if I’m having a coffee, tea, or wine. The more relaxed I feel, the easier it is for me to confront a difficult writing project or chapter.

If you have a deadline for your book, find a way to let that motivate you, not scare you. Focus on how you’ll feel when your a published author, and take it page by page.

Side Note: I highly recommend checking out Regina’s epic course Zero To Self-Published if you are indeed trying to self-publish your book.

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Creating content for your course

Of all the types of content I’ve created, I’ve struggled the most with course creation. I’m not sure why, but my inner perfectionist comes out and starts saying what I wrote isn’t good enough. Someone’s paying for the knowledge I’m trying to convey, and it needs to be epic.

Nonetheless, I pushed past perfectionist mode and created a short course. It was a major accomplishment for me, and showed me I could indeedwrite content for eCourses. And the occasional typo wasn’t going to kill me or the reader.

Just like when you write a book, writing content for a longer course may be challenging. Use the creative inspiration tips I mentioned earlier on in this post to find inspiration and to stay motivated.

And know that you don’t necessarily have to make your first online course a masters program in holistic health. In fact, your customers may prefer something short and to the point! Plus, many courses really rock if they have video or audio involved, which would give your inner writer a break for a while.

Remember that whether your wanting to write for other blogs or create content for yourself, becoming a prolific writer comes down to getting into the habit of writing often, and finding creative ways to motivate and inspire yourself.

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9 Comment

  1. I think you should STILL write the 3 continent book because just those couple of sentences made it sound so interesting. Maybe the thought of writing a “memoir” is kind of terrifying (it is for me!) but it could definitely be an intriguing fiction book BASED on a true story. Love, love this post.

    1. Elizabeth says: Reply

      I appreciate you saying that, and I still want to write it! I think because I’ve tried writing it so many times in the past ( long long ago) I’m reluctant to try again, but I’m hoping to take a stab at it after I publish my book for coaches. I’m loving your book btw. 🙂

  2. Great tips! I myself have struggled to actually sit down and write anything that isn’t a blog post. I have so many ideas for things to write about yet they seem to disappear when I actually attempt to put pen to paper so to speak. I will definitely try some of your tips!

    1. Elizabeth says: Reply

      Hey Charlene! I feel you, I think we all struggle with that. Having too many ideas is one thing I deal with on a regular basis, and in other phases of my writing career I’ve dealt with having not enough. And like you, I can lose the idea I had right when I sit down to write lol! What I’ve found works best to retain ideas is to write them down RIGHT after I get them. I use evernote app or just write in my planner.

  3. I feel your struggle. I find tight deadlines motivate me. That way I don’t have time to procrastinate. Those are some great tips you offered by the way. Thanks for posting! It is great to know I am not alone.

  4. Rachel says: Reply

    Thanks so much for this! Great advice, and great inspiration. I agree with Nia, I’d definitely would read your story about traveling in three continents.

  5. Loved this post. Exactly what I needed!! I am relatively new to blogging, and there is so much to learn!! Great post.

  6. Cheryl says: Reply

    I agree with your advice to stay away from “negative Nancies.” In fact, I just finished a blog post about it. *meta*

    My problem is finding time to write. I have three jobs, a 4yo, and a house to clean–no nanny, no maid. Now I’m not writing this to seek sympathy or ask for advice; it’s just the reality I live with.

    Another problem I deal with is the terror of the blank page. I find composing on the computer to be especially intimidating for some reason, so I do my fiction writing with a pen and notebook. And I put my word count goal at a very manageable 100 words per day. I’ve managed to write two novels that way!

    I do have one question–how do you optimize a blog post for Pinterest???? I’ve never even heard of doing such a thing.

    Thank you for the useful blog post!

  7. HI Elizabeth:

    I too totally identify with the struggles you outline, and the advice! I appreciate hearing you echo that I need to guest post more. I’ve been focusing more on looking for (and offering) guest posting opps lately. (Good to know I should keep on with this and not to worry about the rejection!)

    It’s always a great way to grow and also to connect with someone who I would not be able to otherwise, too, which is so cool!

    I too would read that book. I guess your muse will tell you in time in what format it wants to emerge.

    Happy Creating,


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