The coach’s guide to blogging

the coach's guide to blogging

the coach's guide to blogging

Blogging is one of those tools that allows you to impact the lives of thousands of people. By giving practical tips that help your Ideal Client solve specific problems you’re qualified to help them with, you begin building relationships with your readers so that one day, they may decide to hire you as a coach. Or purchase your ecourses. Or hire you as a speaker for their next workshop!

But most Health Coaches find blogging to be somewhat confusing and overwhelming. They start off motivated, and begin creating a post that introduces who they are, what they do, and what they stand for. And after time, the blog posts become less frequent, and nebulous.

In today’s training, I want to help you get the blogging boost your health coaching business needs, plus give specific tips you can implement right now to make your blog posts as delicious as a glass of passionfruit kombucha!


How to create your editorial calendar 

Whether you’ve already started your business blog or are just about to start one, you’re going to want to create an editorial calendar of some kind.

An ‘ed cal’ is a general overview of the post topics and titles that you will be publishing that week/month/year. Now if you’re like me and are borderline allergic to organization and planning, you can still do this. You just do it in a way that feel right to you.

Two excellent guides to brainstorming your topics for your ed cal are Content Brew and Bonnie’s blogger bundle that helps you create virtually unlimited ideas for posts. I’m an affiliate of both these courses as they’ve helped me, which is why I’m recommending them to you. They’re geared to bloggers of all varieties but not specifically to coaches, yet their brainstorming and planning strategies will work for any business model.

If you need extra help planning your content and delving into what your Ideal Client wants to read and learn from you, you can always work with a blog coach like yours truly. đŸ™‚

Creating a personal brand as a coach

With more and more amazing  Coaches graduating everyday from schools and certification programs around the world, it’s more important than ever to begin creating a unique, memorable brand for your  Coaching business.

And blogging is perhaps the best way to do that.

The more posts you create that exhibit your areas of expertise and who you help ( and how), the easier it is for people to remember you.

If you are helping your clients achieve their life goals, begin writing posts that talk about how they can break down what they want to achieve into doable action steps.

If you work with women who have endometriosis, writing nutrition tips specifically for them will connect more than if you write about nutrition tips for women in general.

Now, as hard as it can be for us holisticpreneurs to get specific and niche down, sometimes we need to do just that.

I used to work with basically any company that needed help with their social media strategy, or that was looking for a writer. My blog posts were therefore generic, and although I’d like to think they were helpful, they didn’t resonate well. They didn’t attract the type of person I wanted to work with.

Apart from getting focused with your writing and coaching focus, the best part about personal branding through blogging is that you get to express your interests, passions, and quirks. You infuse your blog with you.

Side note: a fantastic course on swirling your personality into your brand is Melissa Cassera’s The Swirl Effect.

When you start sharing your interests, your content becomes interesting. Your Ideal Client wants to get to know you better. You stand out from all the other  Coaches in your industry, and resonate with the people you are meant to serve.

Action Steps

Make a list of your area of expertise as a  Coach, and who you serve. Do an audit of your current blog posts and see if they resonate your brand message and communicate your that list you just made. Think about what quirks and interests you feel comfortable sharing in your brand and brainstorm ways you can infuse you into your content. 

Use unique photos

Perhaps the most powerful way to make a fantastic first impression with your blog posts is to use images that wow your Ideal Reader.

I generally recommend to my clients that they buy affordable photos from places like Stocksy, or shoot their own images. Or even have the photos taken for them by hiring a photographer.

Why do I think this is the best route to go over just using free stock pics?

Because the majority of bloggers are reusing the same free images from the same places.

If you’re goal is to stand out, using the same photos as other  Coaches isn’t going to help you. In fact, it could even hinder you. We all tend to make associations in our heads with photos. If I see Coach A using an image first and see that image on Pinterest, I will associate it with their brand. If another coach then uses it ( unknowingly) it sort of dilutes the initial connection I made with blogger A, and I have a lack of interest in clicking through to Coach B’s post. Unless they had amazing copy.

But ultimately, it’s up to you with where you get your images from. I tend to use a combination of shooting my own pics and buying stock, as well as using free images.

More free training: Facebook Groups for Coaches

Create Content Upgrades

Writing a post about 5 ways women entrepreneurs can have fulfilling businesses? Create an accompanying worksheet they can download….in exchange for their email address.

That’s right! This is essentially taking your free opt in gift ( lead magnet) to the next level by creating a free download that’s tailored to your blog post’s topic.

Much more effective than a general ebook, am I right?

Now I know what you’re thinking. But Elizabeth, I barely have enough time to write my blog posts…and try and book discover calls…and do client sessions….and keep up with social media!!!

I totally understand, and that’s why I don’t always create a content upgrade for all my posts. On top of that, I use Mailchimp, which isn’t the best for making content upgrades ( although I love them anyway).

The key is always balance, and as a holistic girl boss, you probably get that anyway. Try and blog less…but make your content truly remarkable and shareworthy. Work in content upgrades for your Ideal Clients when you can. They don’t have to take you long to create, and can make your posts stand out amongst other Coaches in your niche.

Need some content upgrade ideas?

– a free holistic meal plan

– an mp3 guided bedtime meditation

– a graphic/poster that lets them keep track of how much water they drink in a day

– a list of DIY herbal remedies

– a PDF of copywriting tips

an exclusive, insider only podcast

– an email series filled with encouragement, and that promotes your course on the last day


Optimize your posts for Pinterest

You really need to think about crafting a Pinterest strategy for your coaching biz. It’s important!!!

And the great news is that you can start to optimize your existing blog content for Pinterest rather easily. The key is to have a pinable, vertical image in your blog posts that has compelling copywriting on it ( your blog post title) and that makes readers want to share it and read it.

You can create your own pinable images by using Relay That or Canva. I use both. I’ll be crafting a more in depth post on Pinterest in the future, with tips specifically for Health and Life Coaches.

But for now, just go through your content and make sure your images are vertical and would make you want to share them. And click on them.

I hope this post helps you dive deep into how you can create stellar posts that help your Ideal Readers improve their lives and learn more about you can help them delve further into their wellness journey.

In the comments below, tell me how you’re going to ramp up your blogging this year!


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  1. I have really struggled with the Pinterest image issue. My blog uses a featured image that is landscape in nature. If I put a giant vertical image in it, it seems odd to me. Do you have any tips for that?

    1. Elizabeth says: Reply

      What I tend to do is use a different image for my featured image, and create a pinterest-sized vertical just for pinning, not as the featured image. I then put the vertical image at the bottom of the post or just directly upload it to Pinterest.

  2. Marve says: Reply

    Thanks for tips Elizabeth. As a newbie lifestyle blogger this is helpful for me too! I love Pinterest very inspiring. I know many coaches uses Pinterest to get more traffic.

    Dance Eat Travel Style

    1. Elizabeth says: Reply

      So glad you found them helpful Marve! Pinterest is so awesome for traffic and for connecting with clients and peers!

  3. shobbe says: Reply

    will certainly remember and do these tips.

  4. Love the content of the post. Quite helpful. Thanks đŸ™‚

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