How to get traffic from group boards on Pinterest

How to get traffic from group boards on Pinterest

How to get traffic from group boards on Pinterest

If you’ve been partaking in this month’s #thriveonpinterest challenge, you’ve created your Pinterest strategy and discovered how to optimize your blog posts to get shared on Pinterest.

Haven’t begun your Pinterest strategy? Just found out about the challenge? No worries. Read this guide to get started, then the above posts and you’ll be caught up.

Today we’re going to be covering perhaps the most important reason why you should be on Pinterest in the first place: you can get mega traffic from pinning your posts to group boards that are active and engaged.

What’s a Pinterest group board?

A board is a place where you pin ( share/save) pins ( images from blog posts) to. And there are three different types of boards you can pin things to.

A secret board is one that only you can see. That means your followers will not see any of what you pin.

A regular board is one that your followers ( and anyone who finds your board in the search function) can follow. When they follow your board, they will see when you pin new content to it. Here is an example of one of my regular boards.

A group board is a place where more than one person can pin to it. This is where the magic happens, because if you’ve found a good group board ( we’ll discuss what I mean by that in a sec) and have optimized your blog posts for Pinterest, you will start to get traffic from pinning your posts to the board.

Pinning your blog posts to an active, engaged group board means your content ( and any other content you pin) will get in front of someone else’s audience. It’s like the most epic hack ever for those of us who have smaller platforms than others. In actuality, pinning to group boards are a godsend for all of us, no matter what size our current platform is. It’s like guest posting for a big site like Tiny Buddha!

You can create your own group boards too, which I recommend you do. If you’re a Holistic Health Coach for example, you could create a board for your Ideal Clients who are looking to achieve a goal ( ie Create Holistic Routines).

My top tips for creating a thriving group board are:

+ Create a board around a topic your Ideal Clients are passionate about

+ Use relevant keywords in your Group Board’s description box and in all your pins

+ Invite your friends and peers to pin to your new group board

+ Create basic rules for your pinners, and put the rules in your board’s description box

+ Pin other people’s content as well as your own, as long as it’s relevant 

+ Announce your group board to your email list, in your blog, and on other social media networks

+ Let people know the benefits of following your group board

+ Embed your group board in your sidebar or in relevant pages and blog posts

How to get traffic from Pinterest group boards

How often should you pin to group boards?

Most group boards have stated in their description box how often people should pin content to the board. In general, those that have rules mention somewhere between 1 and 10 pins per day. In my boards, I don’t really have a set number of pins that I allow at one time, and most people pin no more than three at one time.

An important thing to note is that group board owners ( and fellow pinners) prefer if you share not only your own high-quality content, but that of other pinners. Group boards are like a community, and only pinning your own stuff ( as epic as your posts are) isn’t as welcoming or helpful as sharing other people’s stuff as well as your own. This will create goodwill amongst your peers and fellow pinners, and will help board followers even more.

If you want traffic to your site, you will need to pin your blog posts frequently, and do so while obeying the rules of the group boards you’re pinning to and while sharing other people’s pins.

How to find group boards to join

There are ways to find group boards that are relevant to your coaching niche, and one of the easiest ways to find them is to search on Pingroupie. PinGroupie is a site that posts various group boards and their stats, such as how active they are and how many followers they have.

I suggest several group boards for coaches to join in this post, and you can also search for group boards on Pinterest by typing in a topic and then clicking ‘boards’. Here is an example of a search I did for self care boards.

How To Increase Click Throughs & Engagement

For a long time, I never used a scheduling tool to pin my content or other people’s posts. I did it all myself. I had a strategy, and it worked for me. However….I’ve converted to the power of the cheap, amazing shot of ginger juice that is Board Booster.

Board Booster is an online scheduling tool designed specifically for Pinterest. You create campaigns designed to pin the pins you choose to the boards you want them to pin to, and specify how often you want them to be pinned.

Board Booster then takes over and becomes a POWERFUL tornado of pinning. It can basically pin more often than you can all by yourself.

I use it to schedule mostly my own content/pins because I tend to repin other people’s posts throughout the day on my phone, as I come across cool pins in my feed.

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I’m not getting traffic from Pinterest. What am I doing wrong?

You may not have optimized your blog posts with Ideal Pins, and may not have copywriting on your pins or in the description boxes that encourages people to click through. You are probably not pinning your own content enough, and may not be pinning to enough group boards, or the right ( engaged and active) group boards.

I would highly suggested trial the free version of Board Booster to get your content pinning more frequently. This can make a HUGE difference. It did for me!

I don’t know what my group board should be about.

Your group board should be ideally named after a problem you help your Ideal Client solve, or for your peers. Here are a few of my group board titles:

Travel Blogging

In addition to being a blogging & social media strategist, I’m a freelance travel writer and run two travel blogs. I created this group board because I saw few active, engaged group boards for travel writers. My main intention is to help travel bloggers get useful, no-fluff travel and blogging tips.

Girl Boss

I created this group board for fellow female entrepreneurs, and named it after a popular, relevant hashtag and keyword many of us use. My intention is to not only pin my own blog posts and such to it, but to promote the wonderful, diverse group of #girlbosses from around the world who are trying to get their posts in front of a larger audience, and that also want to read helpful tips to help grow their businesses.

Blogging Boost

This board is named after my Facebook group for bloggers of all varieties, including business owners who have blogs.

Grow Your Coaching Biz

I created this board specifically for Life & Health Coaches that are going through the same struggles that I did ( and still go through). I help my clients ( coaches) with their online communication and marketing but am not a business coach per se, so I had other coaches join who have expertise in other areas that will help coaches grow their biz. One is my client and friend Kate Byrne, who is actually the business consultant I refer clients and readers to if they need a biz coach. I trust her, and her content and services are genuinely helpful. The other coach pinning to the board is my husband and colleague, who is a ghostwriter and social media manager for coaches over at Thriving Healer.

Other examples of what my peers have names their Group Boards:

Solopreneur Success

Dre is a badass branding maven who works with solopreneurs. This group board is therefore targeted to her Ideal Client.


This is a group board created by the Herbal Academy of New England that encourages students of herbalism to share relevant articles and resources to help them on their path to becoming an herbalist.

World Food

Lonely Planet’s group board for culinary travel.


Pro travel blogger Dr. Jessie Voigts, filled with travel related blog posts.

I can’t seem to find a group board in my niche. What should I do?

I would for starters create a group board in your niche! If there are literally no other boards like that, it would absolutely help you, if just from a branding standpoint.

You could then perhaps join a generic board where anyone can share their blog posts, such as this one or this one. Or, join a group board for fellow entrepreneurs, and share your content to those.

Can I schedule my pins?

Absolutely. I personally don’t because I haven’t found a scheduling tool I’m in love with, but I list several options to check out in this post.

I’ve emailed the group board owner and they haven’t gotten back to me.

Assume they are busy or that they add new members in batches. Don’t email them again right away. If they haven’t gotten back to you in a month, email them a friendly follow up.

I’ve started pinning my blog posts to group boards and am seeing traffic, but it’s not converting to coaching clients or list subscribers.

This could be for a number of reasons, including:

+ Your pins & blog posts weren’t targeted to your Ideal Client

+ You pinned to a group board that didn’t have your Ideal Client following it

+ You didn’t have a subscription box or content upgrade within your blog post

+ You don’t have enough calls to action on your site or sidebar ( which is usually the case)

+ You don’t have an opt  in gift that is catching the eye of your traffic and Ideal Client

How can I promote my eCourse/eBook/Product on Pinterest without being spammy?

You can promote landing pages, as long as you have an Ideal Pin on the page. However, it’s better to promote your product on Pinterest by pinning perhaps a blog post or free training that also promotes/sells the product. So if you’ve announced on your blog you now have a new ebook, promote that announcement post as opposed to the landing page.

How can I promote my event or workshop in group boards?

If you have an upcoming speaking engagement or workshop you’d like to promote, follow the steps mentioned above and promote a blog post that talks about the event to group boards. However, feel free to pin the actual landing page for the event to your own group boards, if you feel comfortable doing so.




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  2. Elizabeth, your Pinterest posts are very motivating, and this one is great! You go into a lot more detail than the usual get-traffic-from-Pinterest posts I’ve seen. Your advice to create a board about a passionate topic of your clients, as well as use relevant keywords and steps to promote it – this seems very reasonable. However, your Q&A here really shows your expertise in troubleshooting traffic and picking your topic.

    I’ve been super busy and have focused more on Twitter. I’ve seen some success with this, but I just may have to try Pinterest!

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  3. Wow. What a great post Elizabeth. I’m pinning it to my business and finance board. Saw it at #bloggingboost. Hope you enjoy mine. It’s *Motivation Monday and ask are you Concerned about Your Health? Learn why it’s Important to Eat Orange Fruits and Veggies Daily.

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