Instagram For Life Coaches ( & other holisticpreneurs)

Instagram tips for Life Coaches


Instagram Tips for Life Coaches

Chances are that like me, you love spending time perusing your Instagram feed, savouring all the vegan recipes and travel pics your Health Coach friends are sharing. And you probably also know that Instagram and visual platforms like Pinterest are important for your coaching business.

But growth may have been a wee bit of a challenge, and getting those oh so perfect food photography shots ( the acai bowls! beach shots! Downward dog on a subway!)

In today’s free training, I’m telling you all about growing your Instagram following…but in a way that’s right for your holistic business.

But first, let’s please throw perfectionism out the window.

Your photos don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to have a gazillion followers on Instagram either.

Let’s get started with creating doable goals for your business’ presence on Instagram.

Instagram Goals For Life Coaches

Take a moment to think about what you want to accomplish on Instagram. Do you want to get more yoga students or coaching clients?

Do you want to connect with brands you intend on partnering with? Do you want to connect with influencers in your field? Are you trying to grow your personal brand?

//Action Step//

Make a list of 3 main goals you have for your Instagram strategy. Be as specific as possible and set reasonable deadlines for accomplishing those goals.

Add your goals to your weekly calendar so you make sure you stay focused on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Remember, don’t compare your business and your photography to that of another business. Comparison is cryptonite to the holistic entrepreneur!

Acknowledge your accomplishments each week too.

Planning Your Posts

Before you start posting on the account that promotes your services ( or promoting your business on your personal Instagram account), start thinking about how you want your followers to feel about you and your work.

– What colours do you use in your branding?

– What keywords/hashtags represent your holistic business?

– If you’re a Life Coach or holistic personal brand, how do you want people to feel about you?

How often would you like to post?

– What hashtags do your Ideal Coaching Clients use?

– What photos would showcase what you do as a yoga teacher, Health Coach, etc?

– What holistic products or brands could you feature in your photos that would be of interest to your followers? ie organic skincare, yoga mats, marketing software, etc

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Improving Your Photos On Instagram

Health & Life Coaches, food bloggers, and other holistic girl bosses need to focus on taking photos that are high-quality and that best represent your brand & lifestyle. But you don’t have to be a master of flat lays or photography wiz to gain traction.

You have to tell a visual story that engages followers.

You have to intrigue them. Connect with them. Inspire them.

You do however need to take photos that aren’t blurry and are well-lit. Underexposed, dark photos may have an interesting story behind them but the image is the first thing a person sees when browsing through their Instagram feed, not the caption. So even if you explain the backstory behind the photo, you may not grasp your followers attention enough by the photo that they even read the comment.

Some steps to take to improve your photography:

– Take your pics in daylight or at the magic hour ( when the sun starts to go down)

– Think about composition ( ie the layout of your meal that your taking a snap of)

– Consider taking a course or reading a book  from Photography Concentrate

Engaging With Your Ideal Clients On Instagram

The key to getting more followers and Likes on Instagram is to engage with your Ideal Coaching Clients. How do you do this?

Take a gander at the followers of others in your industry. Follow hashtags that your Ideal Clients are using or find an interest in ( not what your peers are using, unless your peers are your Ideal Clients).

Like their photos, and comment on them. Follow people that you find interesting and that would be a good potential client or blog subscriber.

If you keep this up and post on a consistent basis, your following will grow.

Some Life Coaches don’t have time to keep liking or following users, and use services like or Instagress to engage with Ideal Clients/ Instagrammers. If you go that route, your account will probably grow faster but I would suggest to not have any service leave comments on user’s photos, especially if you use a software.

Another way to get in front of more Ideal Clients is to cross promote your Instagram photos through your list, in blog posts, and through other Social Media platforms ( like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook).

I hope this training was helpful! If you need some extra training on how social media can help you grow your Life/Health Coaching brand, check out this free guide and make sure to subscribe for extra training, tips, and resources.


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  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Great advice with throwing perfectionism out da window. Really, letting go this obsession – aka, the fear of failing or the fear of criticism – has helped me grow my blog and audience more quickly than any other factor. So crazy how releasing such a simple concept can catapult your career on Instagram or on any network for that matter.

    Don’t intend to be perfect. Intend to have fun, to create, to learn and to grow, falling in love with the entire process.

    Thanks much 🙂


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