Social Media For Life Coaches: How To Thrive Online

Curious on how to use social media to grow your brand as a Life Coach? This ultimate guide will help you craft a powerful and effective social media strategy.

Curious on how to use social media to grow your brand as a Life Coach? This ultimate guide will help you craft a powerful and effective social media strategy.

This guide for Life Coaches was originally published on my other site ( Thriving Healer), but after my hubby & I decided to consolidate our online presence, I’m republishing it here for you. ūüôā I crafted this guide to help give you as a Life Coach ( or Health Coach…any kind of coach!) everything you need to know to start rocking social media to get more coaching clients and to grow your brand. I’ve got even more social media tips for you right here.¬†

As a Life Coach, chances are you know by now you need to have a Social Media presence. You’ve seen fellow coaches grow their online platforms and have wondered how you can do the same.

But it feels overwhelming. Exhausting at times. Not to mention confusing…

I’ve created this guide to help you do three things:

Determine what Social Media platforms your Ideal Client is using

Improve your branding on said platforms

Begin crafting a strategy to grow your presence on those platforms

A Word About Social Media

Before we get into this, I wanted to take a moment to let you know about what I call the Social Media vortex. You know, those hours you convince yourself you are ‘networking’ when in reality you’re chatting with friends on Facebook and looking at cat photos?

Don’t feel guilty. You’re not alone.

In fact, I often talk with clients from all different niches and sectors of business that are getting sucked into random, pointless things on Social Media. None of us are immune to wasting time online.


Next up, let’s just cover the main goal that many coaches ( and other entrepreneurs) have when it comes to Social Media.

Numbers. Lots of them.

Getting loads of fans, likes, and followers, is considered by some a ‘vanity metric’ over actually prompting a sale and being good for business. And they’re right. As awesome as it is having people follow your work and postings on Social Media, those followers/likes/fans do not equate people paying you.


Since you are a service provider, the most important thing you can do is show potential clients a glimpse of who you are as a person. The work you do is intimate and therefor requires trust. Trust is given when people know, like and trust you.

Social Media done right can help build that relationship and thus get you more clients.

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Assess Where Your Ideal Coaching Client Hangs Out Online

One of the reason Life Coaches are told to create an Ideal Client profile is to get to know where the person they want to work with hangs out.

Ok, well a lot more than that as getting clear on who you want to serve helps you be able to help them more as a coach. But it’s also because if you’re looking for a person that has certain interests and has a particular problem they are looking to have solved, you’ll have a map that will help you find them and provide the solution they are in need of.

Let’s create an avatar right here and now of a potential Ideal Client for a Life Coach.

Say you are a Life Coach who helps new mothers adjust to working from home. That’s a pretty awesome niche first of all,¬†I must say. But let’s think about what issues this new Mom is struggling with.

She’s tired, and going between feeling overjoyed at having this new little angel in her home, but she’s also worried about how she can pay the bills and stay home with her wee one.

Perhaps she has just been told about freelancing, and decides that that is the perfect thing for her! But she’s never done this before and is feeling overwhelmed. How long is it going to take before she gets clients? How much work and money does she need to put into her website? How many hours does she need to work each day?

That’s where you come in. You’re passionate about helping her find balance and find clients, and maybe you’ve even been in her position before.

Now, where is this freelancing-to-be-new-Mama hanging out, right?

Well, she’s a new Mom, learning the ropes about taking care of her little one. She’s going to be checking out Facebook groups that have Moms like her, asking questions about parenthood and about being a work at home ( or stay at home) Mom.

Boom. There she is.

I know this niche well because I was a new Mom 7 years ago, looking for answers to how I could work from home and also be a holistic Mama to my new child. I was waiting for help, and never found anyone who could guide me.

But this was before Facebook groups, if you can imagine that. So finding me meant going through forums, and it wasn’t as easy.


Of course, your Ideal Client is hanging out on other platforms too most probably. The best way to find him/her is to start doing some research.

Ready for homework?

+ Write down 3 to 5 hashtags your Ideal Client would use

+ Follow those hashtags on Instagram, Google+, etc

+ See who pops up and begin engaging with them

Struggling to grow your Social Media presence as a Life Coach? Learn how to thrive online by creating an effective social media strategy.

Improve Your Life Coaching Brand On Social Media

 I wanted to take a moment to discuss it again here and now, in relation to Social Media for life coaches.

As we talked about earlier, you’re a coach and are working intimately with people in one on one work, or in a group program. They need to trust you. To earn that trust, they need to build a relationship with you. And the best way to begin that process is to give them a very clear sense of who you are as a person.

This is what’s going to prompt them to sign up for a discover call with you.¬†

Social Media is a great way to give your Ideal Client a glimpse into not only your life as a coach, but your daily life in general.

Do you head to your favorite cafe or green smoothie place each morning?

Do you work from your laptop?

Do you travel often?

Where are you from?

What are you reading?

What stores do you frequent?

What’s your favorite music?

Yes, this is a chance to really show people what you’re like and it can be super fun. There are a few key points I must mention before we move on.

The photos of you? They need to be good. Some would argue they need to be not good, but great.

Gina Devee is an excellent example of great personal branding. She’s a Success Coach that runs several online programs and in person intensives, and is a millionaire coach. I enrolled in The Academy Online ( one of her amazing courses) and it was so intriguing listening to her talk about photography and just how important it is to building a strong brand.

Whether you’re a Transformational Life Coach or fellow Life Coach slash Marketing Coach like yours truly, or any other type of coach, you need to have professional photos taken of yourself and they need to be used throughout not only your site but on your Social Media Platforms.

A photo really does paint a thousand words, or even more.

For those of you wondering how good the photo you take need to be ( on say Instagram), rest assured they don’t need to be perfect. But they need to tell a story, just like the professional personal branding photos of you do: the story of you as a person and a Life Coach.

Homework time again!

+ Assess your current Social Media photos ( cover photo, avatar, profile image, etc) and take notes of what needs improvement

+ Write down 10 things about yourself. Include your favorite hobbies, food, lifestyle choices, and values. 

+ Book a session with a photographer that understands lifestyle and personal branding photography. I’d check out Blake Gardner, Catherine Just, Polly Alexander,¬†and the amazing Wendy Yalom.¬†

+ Ask the photographer to photograph you doing things you love, and at places you enjoy frequenting.

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Crafting A Social Media Strategy For Your Life Coaching Biz

This part of our guide on Social Media for ¬†Life Coaches is putting together what we’ve previously discussed, and allotting time each week to when you will be posting to the platforms you’ve determined¬†Ideal Client is using.

There are two main strategies when it comes to posting.

One is to spend one day¬†a week programming your the week’s posts using a scheduling tool such as Buffer. This method of¬†batching tasks makes it easy to get the bulk of the work done in one go.¬†Some online business owners also spend one day crafting the week’s blog posts and newsletters too.

If this is the route you’re going to go with your Social Media and content, mark in your schedule 2 to 3 hours one day a week to finding content to share/tweet/post, and schedule¬†the¬†content into Buffer or your scheduling tool.

The second route is the one that I follow, and it consists of spending one day a week schedule some Social Media posts, and spending 10 to 30 minutes a day or more Pinning on Pinterest and interacting in Facebook or Google+ groups.

I prefer this way of doing things for several reasons. For starters, you can’t schedule engagement. If someone tweets you or RTs a tweet, you need to actually respond ( or have an assistant do it for you). I prefer Pinning and posting on Instagram daily as I happen to enjoy those platforms.

No matter when you choose to schedule posts nor how often you do post, remember that high quality content and engagement ( interacting with your Ideal Client) is the important part.


+ Write down which platforms you will be posting to 

+ Spend 1 to 3 hours finding content from sites your Ideal Client would enjoy plus share your own blog posts

+ Schedule your Fanpage posts for the week, as well as your tweets using relevant hashtags

+ Allot a certain amount of time each day to pin on Pinterest, interact and engage, and also post on Instagram if you so choose

+ Record the engagement and interactions you’ve had each week, as well as any potential clients that have reached out ( or who you reached out to)


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  1. Scheduling is beyond big Elizabeth to do social right as a life coach. I am in and out within a set time frame daily, to devote my time effectively to social media then to creating content, guest posting, blog commenting and talking to clients. I also wanted to stress you cannot underestimate the power of Groups. Just 5 minutes ago a member of your Blogging Boost Group shared how much they dug my Facebook Live videos. Amazing how many folks we can help through Groups and Communities on various social networks.

    Fab tips!


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