Essentialism, Connection, and other things that changed my life

The importance of essentialism and finding connection

Writer & Digital Strategist to Life Coaches

2016 was a very important year for me. After years of trying to do more and be more, I read a book called Simply Tuesday and realized I needed to simplify my life and my goals, and get even clearer on what brought me happiness. In the book, author  Emily Freeman talks about the beauty of being small, which is something I never really thought about before. I always looked at what was lacking in my life and assumed I needed to improve and be like others. I had been taught to focus hard on growing my platform. But Simply Tuesday helped me realize that what I need to focus on in EVERY aspect of my life is connection.

Connection to myself, my family, the Divine, and you, my reader.

This simplification & clarification process continued even more when I read Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less and Life On Purpose

I began to ask myself some very important questions about what I actually needed to do for my business, and what brought me the most joy, plus what I absolutely hated doing and needed to eliminate from my life.

I realized the following:

+ I only want to work with a handful of coaching clients per year and focus more on my writing projects

+ I want to get a book deal from a major publishing house

+ I want to do more holistic lifestyle posts because I’m passionate about wellness and want to share with you my journey as a holistic Wife & Mother

+ I want to have more speaking opportunities, but only if they feel right to me ( not too big of a crowd)

Then, something interesting started to happen. Just by getting clear on these things, I started to manifest what brought me joy. I got an amazing speaking opportunity as a guest lecturer at a local University, and I’m proud to now be a writer for Lonely Planet. I’ve also got a handful of fantastic Ideal Clients I adore working with.

You see, I am not motivated by money. I mean, I need it to pay the bills and I enjoy traveling ( and buying the occasional vintage dress) but I’m much, much more motivated and excited by having meaningful experiences. This is exactly what Tim Ferriss talked about in 4 Hour Workweek regarding the value of time over money. Time is more important, and I want to use that time wisely. I have family members battling cancer and want to move closer to them, and my family & I want explore Canada, which is where we plan to move to this year.

Now that I’ve shifted my focus on what brings me joy, I feel more motivated with the work I do. 

The most important thing you can do as a Life or Health Coach is balance what brings you joy and what brings your clients joy. You can’t please everyone, but you can set goals for how you want your clients to feel, and how you want to feel when you’re in a session. And you can create coaching packages & courses that are right for YOU, even if no other coach out there is offering the particular service you’re offering. In fact, it’s probably a good thing if your biz is standing out!

You have permission to have less clients and more time for yourself and your passions. You can structure your business around what brings you joy and what hours work best for your unique self. You can start being more of an infopreneur and offer coaching in the form of eCourses or even blog posts. There are no rules here!

This year, focus on doing what’s essential for you & your clients, and leave out that which weighs you down, even if others tell you those things are essential. Only you know what brings you joy.




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  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Fabulous! I can feel you moving more toward doing what you love and leaving the rest behind.

    This has been my experience too. I realized how much I did from fear, and how little, love. Now I work for fun, and spend less time online because I’m energetically leveraging my actions, blogging with love, doing what seems most fun to me and trusting as the Universe brings it all together again and again. Really is all about the extension, not the projection 😉

    Congrats on landing the Lonely Planet gig!

    Forgot to note; Kelli and I are coming to Chiang Mai in mid March for a 2 month house sit. We have to meet up!!


    1. Elizabeth says: Reply

      We can’t wait to meet you two Ryan! We will absolutely be here then ( March is Birthday month for my daughter and I) and if possible, I’d love to photograph you guys as part of a creative series I’m doing on entrepreneurs/digital nomads.

      Where is the house? We are in Hang Dong, outside CM city center.

      1. We will be in Doi Suthep, bordering the national park. New area as we always stay in Chiang Mai Riverside condos. Excited!


  2. I loved the line “beauty of being small”!! Its so powerful when you sit to think about it. Thank you for sharing this- reading this post brought me great insighytfullness – cheers

  3. Camilla Hallstrom says: Reply

    Ah, love this post! “I’m much, much more motivated and excited by having meaningful experiences” – yup, yup! Just a great reminder to focus on what matters most (to each and every one) 🙂

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