3 Steps to Setting Actionable Goals for Your Coaching Business

3 Steps to Setting Actionable Goals for Your Coaching Business

 3 Steps to Setting Actionable Goals for Your Coaching Business

Today, the lovely Kristie McCollum is sharing with us her tips on how to set actionable goals as a coach! These steps will help you get started on achieving your dreams this year.

It’s a new year. And just as quickly as it came in, it’s on its way out. Did you set New Year goals for your coaching business?

Did you map out a plan? How is that going?

As a coach, you are faced with so much. Between your clients, building your business, promoting, and your personal life, things can get hectic and oftentimes, overwhelming.

One of my goals is to spend less time focusing on the wrong things. And to be honest, I think I am failing at that already.

The great thing about goals is that we get to set, tweak, refocus, and achieve them. But the first thing is setting them properly.

We often set our goals and forget them. We don’t look back at them or analyze how close we are to achieving said goals. That’s not how you set business goals.

Your coaching business goals need to not only have an end destination, but actionable steps in order to arrive at that destination.

When it comes to setting actionable goals for your coaching business, there are three steps I like to follow.

Look Back at the Previous Year

Looking back will help you do better going forward. Take a few moments and look back at your previous client meetings, success stories, testimonials, critiques, marketing strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. Analyze areas that need to be improved. Do you need a better scheduling system, were your consultations too long, did you fail to receive all of your payments, were contracts not filed, and was your social media engagement low? Things like these are going to be vital to know before setting your goals for the current year for your business. Noting these things will allow you to map out clear, defined goals going forward.

3 Steps to Setting Actionable Goals for Your Coaching Business


Determine Your Ultimate Goal

You’ve heard the saying, “begin with the end in mind.” This is what you’ll be doing here. First decide what it is that you want to accomplish within your business by the end of the year. Do you want be able to scale your business, spend less time with clients, afford an assistant, hire employees, whatever that end goal is, get a clear vision of that. What will that feel like, what does it look like? Knowing this will then give us the ability to hone in on the steps we need to be taking to reach our ultimate goal.

Break Down Your Year

Now that we know what the ultimate year-end goal is, we can break down things we will do each month to reach that goal. I like to break things down into phases. Every three months, or quarter, is a phase. You can do this however it works best for you. Each phase, or quarter, come up with a strategy that you will implement in order to reach your ultimate goal. If your ultimate goal is to write a book, each phase you should be doing something that will lead to the publishing of your book by the end of the year. It may look something like: Phase 1: Write an outline, Phase 2: Write book, Phase 3: Edit book Phase 4: Publish and promote book.

Each of these three steps leads you to creating actionable steps for setting goals as a coach and business owner. No more simple goals on a list that you will forget you wrote three months later. Getting clear and focused on the things that allow you to best serve your clients is going to be vital for the growth and expansion of your business.  

Your goal setting strategy is the key to how you operate and envision your business. If you don’t have well-defined and established goals, you will be aimlessly going through day to day with no purpose in mind.

Set goals with intention and with effort. At the end of the year when you have achieved that ultimate goal, it will be so gratifying and so worth it!
Kristie is a work at home mom and wife. She serves as a social media and brand strategist. She loves all things pink and sparkly and lives on Netflix and Kit Kats. Feel free to connect with Kristie on her blog http://theofficialceomom.com or on Twitter http://twitter.com/ceomomblogs


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  1. I like your point about breaking down the year. It can be challenging to do and I haven’t fully done it. However, I am in the midst of trying to do it. Right now I have about 6 months analyzed and planned.

  2. Breaking your targets down into manageable pieces is so important! The immense amount of options / work / possibilities make it too easy to get sidetracked and overwhelmed, especially early on.

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