How to balance running multiple blogs & brands

Are you a multipassionate entrepreneur? Here is how I balance running multiple blogs & brands.

Are you a multipassionate entrepreneur? Here is how I balance running multiple blogs & brands.

Are you a coach and a creative?

I’ve got a theory that most coaches are. At least, I know I am! And despite being told by many very intelligent friends and even family that I need to focus on one niche and blog ( as well as service), I’ve learned over the past 5 years or so that doing so feels like cutting off a part of me. I simply can’t do that.

In case you’re wondering what I’m referring to, let me explain.

I run two blogs & brands, and have co-founded ( and also run) two other blogs/brands with my lovely husband Billy. The other site I run besides this one is my culinary travel blog that is part of the Lonely Planet Pathfinder blogger network. It’s also a place where I talk about my freelance travel writing projects, press trips, and overall adventures in Thailand and abroad.

Many of my clients and peers wonder how I can balance both my freelance travel writing & photojournalism with running EKB ( this site) and the other blogs. And to be honest with you, it’s easy. And no, I’m not just saying that.

See, I only write on my sites when I have content to publish. For example, on Sattvic Family, I write  posts or family travel articles that are relevant and seasonal, or I answer a reader’s question.  I don’t write their weekly, and I don’t write on my other sites weekly either. But I have gone through phases of writing more often than I do now, and I was still able to balance it.

How do you balance running more than one Instagram account, Facebook group, etc?

It’s again about prioritizing what brand needs the most content, and to follow your intuition. Instagram also makes it easy to balance more than one account and I can literally just go between 4 accounts in seconds. And I don’t spend more than maybe 15 minutes or more on that platform. You can learn more about how coaches can find clients on Instagram and thrive on that platform in my course. 🙂

When I started using Pinterest years ago, I made the decision to not create multiple accounts for my brands. I’ve had friends who are fellow Pinterest experts ask my why and tell me it would be better for my brands to make separate accounts, and while they may be right, having one account has been a real blessing and huge time saver.

What I’ve done on Pinterest ( and what you can do too!!) is to have designated boards that promote one of your brands. For example, our family travel blog is promoted on our board Family Travel. I also have a board for Epic Wanderings. All of my brands are still part and parcel of me, which is what this very site is about: it’s my personal brand.

I do have multiple fan pages on Facebook, but I can post to each using Buffer, making it also fast and easy. I just need to program Buffer with the various posts.

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How do you balance the various emails you get from clients & readers from multiple blogs?

I have one main business email account and one personal account. I ask media and anyone else interest in getting in touch with me to write me at my biz account ( although I strangely prefer my janky hotmail account, which is my personal account).

I don’t have multiple emails then for each brand. This has been fantastic for me and again another time saver in general. Is it perfect for branding? I don’t really care, because this works for me.

Are you a multipassionate coach that's running multiple blogs & brands, or considering creating a new one? Learn how I balance running 4 blogs without going cray cray.

How do you tell people what you do? 

I normally tell people something like this:

I’m a freelance writer and digital strategist, aka I help people with their social media and online communication. I frequently write for travel publications and collaborate with Lonely Planet.

Short and sweet. I tailor this to whoever I’m speaking to, so if I’m talking to a Life/Health Coach, I may leave out my travel writing and just tell them what I do as a ghostwriter and digital strategist. And if the conversation goes in depth, I’ll talk about my travel writing further into the convo. If I’m talking to a tourism board, I’ll talk more about my work on Epic Wanderings and the family travel blog I run with Billy.

Look, elevator pitches are always a drag. Most of us hate summing up we do, even if we only have one blog & brand. Having more than one doesn’t really make it more challenging than it already is. Just think about who you’re talking to, and rephrase accordingly.

Are you a multipassionate entrepreneur? Let us know about how you balance running multiple businesses in the comments below!


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  2. I give you mad props Elizabeth. I dove full bore into spreading my blog’s word about 1 month ago. More than ever. I was instantly given the chance to take over a blog I had been guest posting on but had to turn it down. Too much energy invested in Blogging From Paradise. Love your tips though and I can see as BFP expands and draws in more passive traffic through my email list that I can take on another blog down the road.

    Thanks for sharing!


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