Why I’m changing my biz model

As a Life or Health Coach, you don't have to do one on one coaching. You can pursue infopreneurship or offer products or speak at workshops. Learn more ideas!

As a Life or Health Coach, you don't have to do one on one coaching. You can pursue infopreneurship or offer products or speak at workshops. Learn more ideas!

Recently, I decided that I wanted to steer away from doing one on one coaching sessions and move into an infopreneurship business model, while also continuing to do freelance writing.

I sent out an email to subscribers letting you know about my decision and also posing the question: do you too need to change your biz model? And I’ve received some incredible replies.

You see, many of us coaches have been trained to do one on one sessions and it has been implied that we ‘need’ to do them in order to consider ourselves as coaches. What a load of BS!

In reality, not everyone’s Ideal Client wants one on one sessions. They may prefer eCoaching ( via email) or being in a membership type of program, or perhaps purchasing a book or eCourse.  And not every Life or Health Coach who has completed their training actually wants to do one on one sessions.

While I actually really enjoy coaching one on one, I discovered over the past year that I feel happiest when creating content, and it serves more people when I do this. It frees up my time too, and it makes me feel creative and filled with joy.

In my email, I also mentioned a few examples of how Life & Health Coaches ( yoga teachers and other holistcpreneurs too) can create other services and products, if they don’t want to do one on one sessions.

Some coaches from programs like Integrative Nutrition and Life Coaching schools end up doing the following:

+ Create a paid Facebook group or membership site

+ Open an Etsy store

+ Create herbal remedies or supplements

+ Sell essential oils

+ Create downloadable meal plans

+ Do eCoaching via email 

+ Become a holistic chef

+ Work with local spas to create their programs

+ Do live or in person workshops

+ Speak at universities ( like I did)

+ Create courses

+ Become a published author

+ Create a series of ebooks ( like Blog Coach Ryan Biddulph does)

+ Create an holistic skincare line

In other words, no you absolutely do not have to do one on one coaching sessions if you don’t want to.

I think many coaches out there are struggling to find a biz model that works for them. We’ve been sold this idea that we can have the laptop lifestyle by doing coaching via Skype or in person. But not everyone wants to do that, nor does every ICA want to purchase that.

If you are feeling pulled to infopreneurship ( creating courses and downloadable content), please realize it doesn’t make you less of a coach! Just read the testimonial pages for places like Integrative Nutrition and Culinary Nutrition to get an idea of what many coaches are doing.

You have options!

If you’re not sure what your Ideal Client wants to purchase from you, get on the phone with them. What do they actually want to purchase? How can you offer services and products that best help them?

Another great option is to offer coaching to only customers who are already in your marketing funnel. My good friend Regina does this. She only lets her current customer base know that when she’s offering sessions and she already knows and has a relationship with her clients before she coaches them. You could do this by pursuing infopreneurship and offering sessions to people in your course, or even to your newsletter subscribers.

Again, you have loads of options, and what you should offer your clients should be based on what you want to do, and what they want to purchase.

With that being said, I’m only doing one on one from now on with my existing clients so as to maximize my time and allow my schedule to fit in more content creation. I look forward to creating my latest course for you!

On another note, I mentioned awhile back that I’m crafting a new lifestyle series on the blog for holisticpreneurs where I’ll be reviewing wellness products and business things that I love, as well as books I’m reading and any other type of suggestions I think you’d enjoy hearing. If you have a product you’d like me to review and feature, please get in touch!

I’m also accepting speaking invitations, if you’d like me to speak at your event or workshop. Head on over here for more info!

Remember that as a coach,holisticpreneur, or creativepreneur, you are making a positive impact on the world. Even if you are just beginning your journey in entrepreneurship, just taking that first step is so important. Business really is a journey, and it’s important that you offer services and products that are not only extremely helpful to your clients, but also in alignment with what feels right to you.




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  1. Change can be good. I’m doing some changing to my blog and social media look. I also am redoing some of my tag lines to better match my focus.

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