How to get more blog subscribers ( grow your list)

how to get more blog subscribers

how to get more blog subscribers

As you probably already know, having an email list is essential to creating a thriving blogging business. It truly is.

That’s not to say there are some bloggers who have managed to leverage their RSS or Bloglovin’ subscribers or social media following.

But having subscribers to your newsletter gives you the ability to communicate with your readers in a very intimate and unique way. And the more high-quality blog posts and newsletters you create for them, the more your blogging biz will grow.

The main issue of course is how to actually get blog subscribers, am I right?

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you probably know the equation goes something like traffic to a landing page with an optin form equals blog subscriber. In reality, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but that is the basic equation for blog growth through subscribers.

Below you’re going to find a list of troubleshooting topics to help you dive into growing your email list, depending on your current needs and goals!

If you have traffic but it’s not getting you subscribers….

Take a look at where your traffic is coming from. Are those people interested in what you’re writing about? Are they cold leads that happened to have randomly found your blog?

Then take a look at your opt in copywriting. Is it as compelling as it could be? Does your opt in gift ( free pdf, course, etc) sound enticing enough for your Ideal Reader to give you their email?

Analyse where your traffic is coming from and your copywriting, and make sure you have enough opt in boxes throughout your blog posts.

If you have ZERO traffic

If you don’t have any traffic going to your blog posts or opt in landing page, it’s pretty much impossible to get subscribers.

But as we talked about earlier, you want the right traffic to your blog or landing page.

You can get the right traffic to your blog several different ways. First, you can take Facebook ads to your opt in landing page. If you’re not sure how to take Facebook ads, I suggest enrolling in Social Ads School, which is free for a limited time ( I’m a proud affiliate of it too). It takes you through step by step how people like Kimra Luna used Facebook ads to grow her list and business.

Another way to get targeted traffic to your coaching blog is to guest post on blogs that your Ideal Blog Reader reads, and that has ample traffic. If you guest post on too small of a site, you won’t see much ROI. In other words, few people will see your blog post and therefore you could end up with nothing to show from the awesome article you wrote.

Guest posting can be hit or miss. If your post goes viral, it could get you lots of traffic but again, is it the right traffic?

I personally get most of my traffic from Pinterest. You can read more about how I get traffic from group boards here.

If you need to grow your subscriber list fast & already have great content on your blog….

If you’re ready to roll and know who your Ideal Blog Reader is ( aka the person who would get the most value out of reading your site) and have about 10 posts or so that would be of interest to them, why not consider taking Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are affordable and some of the most successful bloggers and digital nomads around the world have used them to grow their entire businesses. I’m not kidding.

In fact, you can actually just take Facebook ads directly to a landing page and don’t even need a blog! I suggest having a blog though and several pillar posts because it establishes credibility and helps your Ideal Reader go yes, this person gets me!

If you are new to Facebook ads and have no idea where to start, there is a free event on how some of the top bloggers use them to have uber successful blogs.

Learn how to build your email list and get more blog subscribers!

If you want to get more subscribers from your blog posts…

Every blogger should be looking at their individual blog posts and asking themselves how they can use them to increase subscription rates.

A great plugin to use is What Would Seth Godin Do ( which is free) that allows you to put a call to action and subscribe-prompt at the top or bottom of your blog posts. This is an easy and effective way at getting even more subscribers that are reading your blog posts.

Another option is to put a subscription box within your actual blog post. You can do this by just embedding code from Mailchimp or wherever you are hosting your list, and putting it in all your posts. You can also have you designer create a custom, branded opt in box too.

Creating an opt in gift that is unique to each blog post is yet another great way to get more blog subscribers from your posts. This may take a little more work and content creation, but it’s worth it.

How to get more subscribers from social media….

If you want to optimize your social media accounts so that followers and fans go subscribe to your email list, make sure that all your profile links are to an opt in landing page and not just to your main blog URL.

You can also create individual pins on Pinterest that have a good, clear call to action and that market your free opt in gift. For example, I have pins that tell people about my free training vault for Life Coaches and how they can get access to it ( by subscribing).

Again, taking Facebook ads is another way to use social media to get more subscribers, and if you need help figuring out how to create ads that convert well, head on over to Social Ads School to enroll in their free summit.

I hope this list of tips is helpful to you! Remember to just take one day at a time. Start with working on a opt in gift that your Ideal Blog Reader would love, and then move on to something else. The best tip I can give you is that the better you know your Ideal Blog Reader, the easier it is to grow your blog.



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  1. I’m digging the tips Elizabeth. Big fan of guest posting and blog commenting to build my email list. 4 months of each helped me triple my subscriber base, and it is onward and upward from there. List building is traffic on demand. Send out a newly published post. Readers click your link, visit the post and engage pronto. I see list building as the ultimate form of convenience marketing, from both a blogger and reader perspective.

  2. Ellen says: Reply

    I really need to implement so much of what you have written! Glad to have found the article.

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