How to manifest your dream life ( and excel as a Life Coach)

how to manifest your dream life

how to manifest your dream life

Manifesting your desires is a topic that is as woo woo as it gets, and yet nonetheless, we’re all curious: is it possible? Can our thoughts actually affect what we bring into our lives?

I’m living proof that yes, yes they can. And chances are you too can think of times in your life that you’ve managed to manifest your desires.

As part of our #holisticlifetransformation challenge this month, I’ve been doing a few ( OK more than a few) Instagram stories on said topic because I figure you too want to know if this law of attraction stuff is total BS…or if it has some substance. I intended on only doing a few Stories, but after receiving positive feedback about my thoughts on the law of attraction ( and how it has worked and hasn’t worked in my life), I felt an entire blog post needed to be whipped up to elaborate further.

What I’ve managed to manifest in my life (plus what I’ve yet to attract)

I went through a phase of my life before Kaya was born ( and when The Secret came out) delving as deeply as I could into the law of attraction and manifestation. I read book after book on the subject, plus documentary and documentary. It fascinated me, especially the correlation between quantum physics ( in some respects) and how our mind works.

A few books and movies that I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend include:

  •  You Can Heal Your Life ( both the book and movie) by Louise Hay
  • What the Bleep?! ( book and movie)
  • Pretty much all of David Wilcock’s books and movies ( he has a show now on Gaia tv btw)
  • And all of Gregg Braden’s books
  • Plus, all of Neville Goddard’s books and lectures
  • Amit Goswami’s books and the documentary about his work
  • The Silva method

Anyhow, I loved what I read…and yet, never seemed to attract what I wanted during that time. It was super frustrating. But about a year or so later, I began to get clear on what I wanted to attract, and even went so far as to journal like the dream life I wanted had manifested.

I wrote on a chalk board that our family lived in Asia and Italy, and here I am, writing this from Thailand. And our family indeed has lived in Italy, exactly where I journaled we would live! 

Now, I need to let you know that this was almost impossible for us to attract way back then. We were in a very tight financial situation and my husband had never left the US, nor did he ever really want to. Whenever we saved up some funds to move, he would wimp out ( even though he wanted to go!) and feel like it would be ‘safer’ for us to just stay in Los Angeles.

Side note: he’s even more of a travel addict than I am now. Ha!

Speaking of my better half, I in fact managed to manifest him too. As bizarre and unbelievable as it may sound, Billy and I are soulmates with a very, very strong connection. My brother says we have a ‘fairytale marriage’, not in the sense that our life and marriage is perfect, but that our loved ones know just how close the two of us are. And we’ve been together for almost 14 years!

I can’t even tell you how depressing my dating life was before Billy. I had people tell me ALL THE TIME that I wouldn’t find my soulmate and it was riddiculous to think I would. But I never wavered in what I believed existed for me, and Billy had the exact same intention, which is why we ‘attracted’ each other.

One can always speculate about the two examples I’ve given you about things I’ve manifested and that’s fine, because my life and circumstances aren’t what is important here.

What’s important is if you believe you can attract your dream life, and if you can make the decision here and now to be focused on what you want…and not what you don’t want.

The top blocks to manifesting your dream life ( or goals)

Manifesting your dream life- in my humble opinion- is absolutely doable. In fact, I think you can even manifest things that are beyond your wildest dreams and even better than what you currently strive to have in your life.

However, there are certain blocks that hinder all of us from attaining our desires.

The first is that we all tend to doubt ourselves. The negative self-talk most of the planet has going on 24/7 in our heads will drown out any of the few affirmations/mantras we repeat in a day…if we don’t go hard-core with tuning our minds onto a different, more positive way of thinking.

Trust me, I know how hard this is, especially for empaths and Highly Sensitive folks. And most of us Life & Health Coaches are indeed one of the two ( or both). But it’s nonetheless integral to realize you need to do more than repeat your affirmation of choice here and there. You will need to:

  • Stop watching or listening to negative stuff all day long. You can absolutely be informed about key issues that your part of the world is facing. But news sites and certain political and media groups have as their marketing ploy the goal of making you hooked on negative news ( the news motto is ‘if it bleeds in leads’ so keep that in mind when choosing your news station of choice. Note that certain publications will also lie in order to push one narrative which may or may not be true, and that can lead to conflict amongst even friends.
  • Assess who you surround yourself with. You may have to make some hard choices about who you let into ( and let out) of your life. I’m not saying you need to never talk to negative Aunt Nancy ever again, but maybe you want to unfriend all those people you don’t really know that only complain on their Facebook account. Speaking of which, I should probably do that…
  • Create a support system. Tell the people who love and support you about your dream life goals ( only tell them to people who support you and uplift you) and that you intend on manifesting the ‘best version of yourself’. Think of ways they can help you stay positive during this process.
  • Learn about manifesting theories. Read books like The Secret and watch movies such as What the Bleep?!

You may also enjoy reading: The Extroverted Empath

The second issue most people face when they are trying to attract their dream life is that they are unclear on what they want to manifest, as well as why they want to manifest it.

Sure, you can say ‘ I want to manifest 10K a month and have VIP celebrity coaching clients!’ and that’s perfectly fine, but what’s more important according to manifesting gurus like the late Neville Goddard is to think about why you want that and focus more on the feeling than the intention itself.

A great resource to help you figure out how you want your dream life to make you feel versus just listing out random things you think sound good is to do desire mapping.

The concept behind the Desire Map philosophy is to help you get crystal clear on how you want to feel, versus setting pointless goals that won’t really bring you the joy/love/freedom you crave. I’ve found this method of focusing on feelings over goals to be very powerful at helping me actually figure out what my dream life looks like.

Another tip on how to get clear so you can manifest your desires is to discover your strengths. In the book Strengthsfinder 2.0 ( which you can purchase at your local bookstore or on Amazon), you’ll find a code for an in depth assessment that you can redeem on their website.

The Strengthsfinder assessment is seriously so damn helpful. It’s the most helpful thing I’ve done in respect to personality tests and the likes, and assisted me in finding out what brings me joy. I realized through the Strengthsfinder assessment that my real passion revolves around coming up with ideas and learning new concepts in various industries and niches. Almost every quality trait I got pertained to education ( well, learning) and it made me total shift my business model from one on one coaching to focusing on infopreneurship and content creation.

The results I got also helped me realize I need to focus on manifesting an environment and in person network that was conducive to my educational desires and curiosities. I want to be able to meet regularly with like-minded polymaths and multipotentialites ( aka multipassionate entrepreneurs).

If you do both desire mapping and the Strengthsfinder assessment, you will begin to get super clear on what your dream life could look like.

For example, you may find that you want to feel freedom, as many holisticpreneurs do, and that one of your strengths is adaptability. This could lead you to taking your Health Coaching business on the road and trying to manifest the laptop lifestyle as a digital nomad.

Once you’ve gotten clear on your desires, you’re going to want to then paint a picture of how your ideal life looks. This is where Neville Goddard’s books and talks can really come in handy, as well as the Silva method. You can find out about both on Youtube and purchase the associated books on amazon,, or your local bookstore or library.

And when you know what your dream life looks like, it’s time to then think about it daily as though it has already happened. How can you do this? I used to journal from the future, as though I was living my dream life in Italy ( which was my goal at the time). You can do that, or you can do guided visualization methods like The Silva Method or Shakti Gawain’s method talked about in her book Creative Visualization.

Say you’re just beginning your journey as a Life Coach and you’ve discovered your dream life looks like you living in Bali and working out of a cafe there, sipping green juice while taking client sessions. You’re renting out a nice villa and in your free time, you volunteer with a local organization, or maybe you do yoga.

In order to start bringing into existence this dream life scenario, you need to think about it daily, then state to your support network ( online or offline) your intentions. The first step needs to be recurring in order for it to manifest.

Next, you’ll need to start actually taking action. Yes, this may be the pain in the ass part of the equation, but if you’ve done enough visualization work and have affirmations you repeat all the time ( aka practically all day long) your actions will be probably a heck of a lot easier to do than if you just stick with the negative self-talk and hide behind your computer screen.

I hope that this post is helpful! But I have a question for you: what does your dream life as a coach ( or holisticpreneur) look and feel like? Let us know in the comments below, and if you have any questions regarding the law of attraction, I’ll do my best to let you know what worked for me.






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  1. A Neville Goddard reference. Now I KNOW you are a serious manifesting student Elizabeth 😉 Awesome. I know of few folks online or offline well-versed in Mr. Goddard’s teachings. I always felt he was the best teacher at helping me step into my mental picture with great details, to make it come alive….because with his eBooks I could feel my way into my dreams. Total 180 from some schools of thought that ignore the critical energetic aspect of who we are being. Awesome-sauce advice here 🙂

    1. Elizabeth says: Reply

      Absolutely love Neville! I read a lot of new thought books actually, as well as Vedanta. I think you’d like Swami Vivekananda’s book Jnana Yoga, which I think you can find a free pdf of online. All his books and talks are fantastic! I also recommend the Silva Method, have you tried that?

  2. I haven’t yet but will check it out now. Thanks!

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