How to transform your life ( plus tips & prompts in this month’s challenge)

transform your life

transform your life

Are you looking to make big changes to your life? Do you feel stuck and unsure of what your focus is as a Life Coach and who you’re destined to help? Do you feel like becoming a digital nomad…but aren’t quite sure how to get started?

Or maybe you have goals you’re looking to attain ( like working out more) but haven’t felt the nudge to begin going after them.

Either way, I’ve got some guidance plus tips, resources, and more for you!

Welcome to our 1 month FREE Transform Your Life Challenge!

Here’s how it works:

1.) Read this post to get some great starting tips and resources plus your first action step.

2.) Subscribe to the magic list ( ok it’s my newsletter but it’s still sort of magic) to get additional audios and eCoaching style content to help you stay motivated!

3.) Share your goals and progress on Instagram and Twitter with us by using the hashtag #holistictransformation 

Why I’m doing this challenge ( and why you should too!) 

As a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur ( and extroverted empath), it’s integral for me to set up nourishing routines that help me stay focused and grounded. One of the routines I started about a year ago was walking every evening. My intention wasn’t to lose weight, although in the back of my mind, I thought it would be nice if I could get back to the shape I was pre-Kaya ( aka 10 years ago). I never hopped on a scale though. I just kept at it because I enjoyed doing it. In fact, my main reason for walking every evening was because I spend so much time sitting down everyday and I feel great when I walk in nature.

About a week ago, my family and I went to our friend’s pharmacy/herb store and I decided to hop on the scale just to see ( #whynot ) only to realize I had lost about 20lbs. I felt so happy to see I had made so much progress and am almost the size I was when I married my husband 11 years ago.

Why this little back story? Well, because of how fantastic I feel because I had made progressed and attained a goal, I started getting very motivated. This motivation has in turn actually motivated others in my community to start walking ( my neighbors now walk almost everyday ) and my husband has begun weightlifting with me.

My point is that when you attain a small change or goal in your life ( or a big one), it can cause you to find the motivation and willpower to make even more of your dreams come true. 

On top of that, it’s contagious: your family and friends ( as well as clients) will be inspired by your enthusiasm and goal-getting. I swear!

This is why I created this very challenge, and if you decided to join us in the #holistictransformation and share your progress, you’ll have me by your side ( virtually, that is) giving your encouragement on social media and tips/resources here on the blog and through my free newsletter.

This is your chance to make that big dream come true, or to start making it come true.

Craving change? Join our month-long Transform Your Life challenge to get the tips, motivation, and resources you need to start goal-getting!

Your first Action Step: get clear on what aspects of your life you want to transform.

What about your life do you want to transform? Is it what you do for a living? Do you want to do yoga teacher training or become a nutritionist?

Get extremely clear about what you want to transform, and once you’ve done that, we’ll work on the next step later this week which is about how you can achieve that goal.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Elizabeth ( or you can call me Elle), how can I transform my life in a month? My goal is too big! 

That’s a very intelligent question you’ve posed friend. But here’s the deal: you need to get started on attaining your goal, and even before you actually attain it, you will see small but steady changes in your life that occur just from taking the first steps.

You may not become a naturopath overnight or lose/gain X amount of weight in a week, but you can make smart changes to your day to day routine that can help you make those goals happen.

This month is geared to helping you kickstart everything, and it’s going to give you the support you need to make it happen.

Next Steps

Once you’ve clarified your goals, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get additional free tips, content, and eCoaching during this challenge. I will be sending out several resource-loaded, in depth and uber helpful emails that you’re going to want to get in on. Trust me!

I also suggest considering a few free or cheap apps that can aid you in your month-long goal-getting ( and beyond). Pick which one(s) feel the most relevant to you and your goals, and have fun playing with them!


This free app and community is a place for fitness enthusiasts and people who are looking to transform their bodies and minds. I love the strengthtraining workouts!


Streaks is an app that helps prompt you to make good habits. You tell it what you want to do daily, and it sends you reminders.


This free app is similar to PumpUp but it has even more holistic recipes plus DIY skincare and more. Their curated content is fantastic, and the community is super positive and upbeat.

You App

This free app and super supportive community helps you create and take microsteps in your daily life that can add up to big changes. From achieving your creative goals to spending more time in nature, You can help!


This goal setting app helps you to record and track the changes you’re making in your life. Set goals and stay on track of them!

Happiness Planner

This app is so great! It’s my fav planner! You spend some time writing what makes you happy and when you want to do what makes you happy ( daily, weekly, etc) and and the planner helps you to make sure you’re doing more of what brings you joy. It also has the typical to-do list and schedule sections too.

Ready to begin your #holisticlifetransformation ? Leave a comment below and let us know you’re in, and if you feel like sharing, what your goal is!



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  1. I love this idea Elizabeth. I also saw how getting super clear on your intent helps to transform your life, quickly. When we arrived home in NJ 3 months ago I dove into a running regimen, going slowly, easily and steadily. My intent was to be more fit, so this energy spilled over into every area of my life. Now on my distance running days – twice weekly – I run 10 miles easily. No leg pain or back pain, all nose breathing too. The power of getting clear sets this all in motion. I know folks will receive immense benefits from your inspired idea. Well done!

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