Protecting your eyes when working long hours online

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As a Life Coach or blogger, chances are you spend quite a bit of time online, whether on your phone or computer. At least I do! And while we content creators do indeed need to check our accounts and write blog posts, we can protect our eyes ( and overall health) while doing so.

Perhaps like me, you feel tired or you get a headache after spending time online. I personally feel exhausted or stressed when I do, and not just when I’m looking at social media. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing on my computer or mobile: I feel tired afterwards and yet I struggle with falling asleep. I also have been suffering from migraines.

Thankfully, Spektrum reached out to me to let me know about their glasses which help protect one’s eyes from the damaging affects of staring at computer screens. As it turns out, the blue light that electronic screens emits can be negative to one’s health. According to their website:

Historically, human exposure to blue light during daylight hours has been associated with positive benefits such as increased energy and wakefulness. However, as blue light emitting devices such as smartphone screens and overhead lighting command more and more time in front of our eyes, blue light exposure has begun to reach disruptive or even unhealthy levels for many people with modern lifestyles.

Staring at a screen for long hours is really bad for our eyes, and it can throw off our natural sleep cycle, which I believe is one of the reasons I personally struggle with falling asleep at night.

After I was sent the blue light-filtering glasses from Spektrum, I have noticed I have less headaches. My husband ( who also works online and has had the same issues I’ve had) is wearing them now too, and feels it may be helping him.

If you’ve been getting headaches or have had issues falling asleep, learn more about blue light emitted from our computer screens here.


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