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Can you believe it’s already 2018? I can’t. In two months I’ll be turning 35 and my daughter will be 10. I’m seriously not prepared for that…

However, I am prepared for big changes this year. I can feel them coming, and I welcome them.

How about you? Is there something you’re looking to shift in your life or a dream you’d like to come to fruition?

If you currently feel stuck in some aspect of your life, please know that I feel you. I know how much it can suck to not be where you want to be, or have what you want to have. I know that overwhelming mixed emotion that can come with trying to feel grateful for what you have while secretly yearning for something different. It can eat at you if you don’t acknowledge it and make a plan for change, and then take the steps necessary to manifest your heart’s desires.

I manifested a pretty big change over the last 6 months. I managed to lose ( almost accidentally) over 20lbs. What started out as a plan to walk 10K steps every evening ended up changing my life. And I’m so grateful it did!

At the same time, the confusion I’ve struggled with for years in certain aspects of my life has been eating away at me, and I know that 2018 is THE YEAR my husband and I get clear on our goals and go after them, especially with regards to moving.

So please know that I’m right there with you, if you are feeling a similar mixed emotion about your current life situation. But know this: change is possible. It’s possible for your blog, your business, and your life!


How to work with me in 2018

Because I’m not currently accepting new coaching clients, I’ve decided to offer Blog Audits via email so I can give you my top tips on what to change or do with your blog/personal brand/social media strategy in a simple email you can refer to.

How does it work? After I receive payment via Paypal, I send you via email a questionnaire to fill out regarding your coaching biz and online platform ( blog, brand, social media). Over the course of a few days I assess what are the top things you should focus on with regards to building up your content and social media. If you tell me you’re struggling with coming up with blog post ideas, I point you in the direction of topics. If you are stressing out about how to use social media to best engage with your Ideal Clients and build your list, I give you tips on how to do that. This will all be done via email, not as a coaching call, which makes it A.) affordable and B.) time-friendly.

The blog audit is basically like having me as your virtual strategist slash Blog Coach, giving you suggestions to take action on via email.

Please note I’m not a Business Coach and my area of expertise is with crafting blog content that rocks and social media strategies that help you build your personal brand. 🙂 So if you’re struggling with what to write or post, this is for you, my friend!

The investment is 100USD and to schedule an audit, please email me directly at with blog audit in the title/subject.

I am also accepting speaking engagements this year. Please head on over to my Speaking page for more info! My first of the year will be lecturing about online marketing at Payap University, here in Chiang Mai.

Lastly, I had the joy of partnering with and reviewing some wondering brands last year, and will be continuing to review products that are a great fit for Life & Health Coaches. If you are a brand and would like to find out more, head on over here to do so.

To an incredible year of growth and change!







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