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Work With Me

There are several ways I can help you with you thrive online ( and off)!

I offer freelance writing services, digital strategy consulting, and Lifestyle Design coaching, and I’m also available to speak at select wellness & business events. 

You can find out about the various ways to work with me one on one or via the written word down below, as well as info about my availability; I only work with a handful of clients each year.

Writing Services

As a writer & digital strategist, I’ve had the privilege to create content for 6 figure coaches around the world, and social media strategies that have helped both new & seasoned wellness businesses create thriving online communities around their brand.

Whether you need me to whip up blog posts or need a social media strategy for your biz, I can help!

As a writer, I’m  available to write ( or ghostwrite) for your blog or online publication. Send me on over an email and let me know about your coaching biz and blog, and we can schedule a time to chat.

Digital Strategy Sessions For Coaches & Holisticpreneurs

I also work with a handful of VIP Digital Strategy coaching clients each year. At the moment, I’m not taking on any new strategy clients but if you’re interested in working with me 1 on 1, send me an email and I can add you to the wait list.

I also let subscribers know when I have an opening in my schedule, so feel free to subscribe and get in on my free training vault too.

Let me tell you all about the two hour Digital Strategy Intensive I offer so you can find out if I’m the right coach & strategist for you!

Build Your Online Platform: 2 hour Skype strategy session

Not sure what to post on your blog? Need a guest posting plan and social media strategy that will grow your personal brand as a coach?


In this 2 hour strategy session delivered via Skype, I help you refine your communication plan and create not only your editorial calendar for your blog, but also a doable social media strategy that’s right your your Health Coaching/Life Coaching business. You learn my tools and tricks to scheduling social media posts and whipping up pillar, long-form blog posts that make you stand out online and that show your expertise to Ideal Clients. This package is $500USD which you can pay via Paypal and includes:

+ Clarity Workbook sent before the session is scheduled so I can get to know you and your biz better

+ 2 hour Skype Session

+ Follow up email covering any additional tips I may have for you


I don’t like to brag, but I’m sure you want to know why I’m worthy of helping you with your online platform, so it’s my duty here to share with you my street cred. 😉

As a writer, I’ve been featured on places like Cameron Diaz’ blog (, Annapurna Living, Matador Network, and other online publications, as well as apps; I’m currently Lonely Planet’s Chiang Mai expert for their Guides app. I also ghostwrite for leading 6 figure business coaches and entrepreneurs.

As a social media & blog growth strategist, I’ve worked with Life & Health Coaches around the world, as well as other holisticpreneurs ( like acupuncturists and yoga teachers). I’m extremely passionate about content marketing ( blogging), social media, and personal branding, and equally as in love with wellness experts like yourself. I’ve helped build Holistic Dad’s fanbase ( over 100K likes on Facebook) and create the thriving Blogging Boost facebook group of over 20K members. Perhaps Pinterest is my fav place to hang out online, and the social media platform I’m ‘known’ for rocking. In fact, I was hired by Lonely Planet to curate their Tastes of Thailand board, and I’ve created dozens of engaged group boards of my own, and helped clients do the same.

I can’t promise you thousands of followers and readers. At least, not overnight. But I can promise you that we can get you started in growing your online platform and most importantly, in creating content that connects ( and sells your coaching programs) and a social media strategy that helps you gain traction.

**I’m currently fully booked but from time to time I take on new coaching clients, so feel free to get in touch to check my availability, or subscribe to find out when I have an opening in my schedule.**

Holistic LifeStyle Design Coaching

Do you wish your life looked differently and you had more time? Do you yearn to live a life that feels exciting, peaceful, or passion-driven?

If you feel unhappy, exhausted, and like you’re following someone else’s path for your life, then you’re going to want to find a coach or mentor and support system to help you find out how you got off track and what you’d like your life to look like, and give you the motivation and encouragement to manifest your desires.

This is why I created my Holistic LifeStyle Design Coaching program. I’ve fought hard to change my life from one of isolation and that was totally ‘not me’ to a life that is centered around what matters most: spending time with my family and creating a life influenced by freedom & ease ( my Core Desired Feelings).

If you feel you really need help making the shift, please get in touch to find out more about working with me. I offer both a 2 hour intensive for a sort of ‘bootcamp’ to get you clear on what you want to create in your life, as well as a 3 month coaching package so you can have the accountability you need.

Some cray cray things I’ve done ( that I’ve wanted to do):

+ My family and I followed Under The Tuscan Sun and lived in Tuscany

+ As a travel writer, I work with the leading travel publication in the world

+ I attracted my soul mate after having the worst boyfriends a girl could possibly have, and my husband and I have been together for 13 years now!

+ I’ve ghostwritten for Ideal Clients that I always wanted to work with

+ I became a Life Coach and a student of herbalism

+ I’ve found my BFFs and tribe of men & women who get me

+ Both my husband and I work online ( huge goal achieved)

+ I lost weight without really dieting

+We’ve become digital nomads

+ I’ve gotten press trips with tourism boards

In reality, I somehow persisted until I accomplished my main dreams & desires. I still have quite a few left in me ( the next is to move to Canada but we aren’t sure when we want to leave Thailand), but my point here is that we’ve had difficult times in our life that felt so suffocating we weren’t sure we’d make it through them, and through clarity and persistence, we came out on top.

It’s not magic that gets goals accomplished. It’s a system of getting clear and taking intentional action, and accountability can help big time, especially from someone who has gone out and chased their dreams and found their calling.

If you are feeling called to make some big changes and want my help, feel free to email me to find out my availability. 


Have Me Speak At Your Workshop or Event

And if you’re looking to have me speak at your event/workshop for coaches or wellness businesses, you can find out more about what topics I can cover on my media page.

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