Blogging Tips for Coaches

blogging guide for coaches

Whether you’re new to the blogging world or are a long term vet, I’ve created this page to share resources that have helped me on my blogging journey plus share my wins and tips to help you on your journey

How Blogging Can Help Life & Health Coaches

There’s no doubt that blogging can be powerful, not only for the person creating the content but for the readers.
I’ve connected with and met readers of my site from around the world. I read blogs that help inspire me on a daily basis. To say my life has changed for the better because of blogging ( and reading blogs) is an understatement.
And yet, this content-creating journey can be so confusing and overwhelming, can’t it?
So many times I wanted to quit. Few people were reading my sites and I was putting a tremendous amount of effort into my content and Social Media.
And yet, I saw others excelling, growing large platforms and making a great living off of their work.
I was both jealous and inspired at the same time. 
After  5 years of pursuing this as an outlet for my ideas and also as a way to connect with clients, I decided to offer Blog Coaching to those who feel as I did ( overwhelmed + confused) and also continue to share tips here on the blog in a series I call Simplify Blogging.
My goal with Simplify Blogging is to interview as many bloggers and coaches as I can so we can all learn about their blogging and business journey and make the road easier. For all of us!

If you are a business looking to figure out the blogging  and how to get more blog subscribers, this post is for you.

You can also join the free Blogging Boost community on Facebook to share your posts, get blogging tips + resources, and connect with others!

As you can tell, I’ve got loads of resources for you here, and welcome any questions you have via email or in the comments below.

This page is a work in progress, one that I’m constantly adding new tips and insights to.

Blogging Tips for Life Coaches

Blogging Tips For Coaches

As a Life or Health Coach, your blogging goals are slightly different than other entrepreneurs as you’re a personal brand and service provider. Your blog serves as:

  • A place for Ideal Clients to find you
  • A place for you to show your area of expertise by creating awesome, super helpful or inspiring posts that help readers
  • A gathering place for like-minded women
  • A way of marketing your services and products

Blogging is a form of content marketing in that it helps you get more Ideal Clients and customers. But that’s if you do it correctly.

You see, there’s an epidemic of what I call half assed blog posts, and not just by coaches. By basically everyone. We all get in the habit of pumping out blog posts on a regular basis and feel stuck about what to write, and therefore our content can be nebulous or random.

What I do with my Blog Mentoring clients is have them get super clear on their Ideal Clients and then create an editorial calendar containing blog posts that will help their readers, while marketing their expertise.

Blogging Basics and Beyond

We all start at the same place when we finally make the decision to create a blog. It’s important to not get overwhelmed right now or compare yourself to another blogger.
To help you get started ( or to get you to the next level of your blogging journey) I created a series of interview called Simplify Blogging. In this blogging series, I interviewed top bloggers and coaches from around the world, asking them about their journey. They share their wins and frustrations, plus what worked best for them.
Whether you’re a Life or Health Coach that is new to blogging or have been writing for some time, this post will give you tips on how to get clear on your Ideal Reader/Client and how to write for them. 
Looking to blog regularly and guest post like a boss? Yearn to finally publish that book, and maybe even a few eBooks? This post is for you!
An epic, in depth guide from expert NiaSweetz on transitioning your blog into a business.
What should you blog about?
Finding your voice and routine
Learn why you need to repurpose your content to make it go further, and be seen by more Ideal Readers.

3 Ways To Improve Your Blogging
How planning and getting focused will help you develop a routine and attract the right readers

Blogger Bundle
This super helpful collection of blogging guides from Hobby To Hot makes it easier figuring out how to grow your email list, repurpose content, create an editorial calendar, and learn how to sell on your blog ( without selling out). 

blogging for Life & Health Coaches

Social Media Tips For Coaches

Your main goal as a blogger or coach that blogs is to get your content found. One of the many ways to do that is to use social media, which is free to use and easy to set up. But chances are you know that already and are currently using Facebook and other platforms to connect with your friends and peers.

But keep in mind that no matter what social media network you’re using, if you’re goal is to get more readers, networking with your peers isn’t going to help you. 

You see, most of us are in Facebook groups that have our peers or fellow bloggers, and use hashtags that others in our industry are using.

And while that’s fantastic for getting support and advice from others that get us, it’s not going to help you if you’re goal is to get more blog readers.

By focusing on using your social media to get in front of your Ideal Blog reader, you need to think like them.

If you’re a Holistic Health Coach looking to get more clients, share your blog posts using hashtags that are relevant to them, not to other coaches.

If you’re a craft blogger that writes tutorials for total newbies, using hashtags that fellow pro crafters are using isn’t going to help you target people like me, who royally suck at crafting and need help.

I remember actually chatting with a friend of mine who was doing crafting tutorials and asked her if she had any that were were for the crafting impaired people of the world…aka, me. She said no, and it made me realized how there is a need in the market for expert crafters to help those of us who are really new to crafting and DIY stuff. I’m sure there probably are, but I haven’t personally seen many people targeting newbies like me on social media.

As a Blog Coach and Social Media strategist for coaches, I always tell my clients to get on Pinterest! And even if you’re not a coach, you are going to want to spend some time using that awesome visual social media platform.

Another excellent way to get in front of your Ideal Blog Readers is to join Facebook groups that they hang out in. Begin interacting with group members and follow the group rules regarding promotion.

Learn more in this in depth free guide: Social Media Tips For Coaches




Improving my photography ( and actually using my DSLR) is perhaps the best decision I’ve made when it comes to making my brand clearer.

But shooting in manual is still a challenge for me. That’s why I’ve invested in several affordable photography courses and also interviewed professional photographers to get their tips on how I can improve my photography.

As a coach or blogger, you will need to have compelling images in basically all of your blog posts. You can choose to shoot your own, or find stock images that best suit your brand.

Extremely Essential Camera Skills
This course drastically improved my photography and was beautifully designed/easy to follow. Highly recommend it.

Getting Out of Auto
Learn how to take your photography to the next level by shooting in manual.  

Simplifying Photo Editing
Professional photographer Jessie shares with us how she edits her photos in three easy steps.

A Simple Way To Protect Your Photos
Theodora shows how to create a watermark to protect your photos.

A Free Guide to Blogging For Life & Health Coaches


Blogging Courses + Resources

I’ve been blogging for years friend. And the thing I’ve learned is that courses and mentorship can be an amazing investment that can save you tons of time ( and even money) in the long run. This is what prompted me to become a digital strategist for coaches.
I’ve studied in some courses that are totally meh. Not that awesome, but not bad. It’s debatable regarding whether I lost money on those courses, but I nonetheless wouldn’t recommend them to others. So basically, be selective in which you join. Ask your friends and peers what they got out of them, and if they would recommend you invest in them.
The following courses I’ve done have been fantastic, and have offered me so much knowledge in how to market my brand and grow my coaching business and blog.
 I’m a student in my good friend Regina’s EPIC course on how to take your blog to the next level.
What do I mean when I say epic? The course is 10 weeks long and contains 5 lessons per week. Yes, that means 50 lessons in total. Covering everything from auditing your blog and brand, building a media kit, learning how to grow your blog traffic with challenges, affiliate marketing, how to create products…. I mean there is so much content and so many topics covered, this course if pretty much the be all end all.
I recommend it for intermediate bloggers who are looking to find out how they can up their game and turn their blogging into a business.

Blog Post Promotion
In depth course on how to promote your content through social media, guest posting, forums, etc

Elite Blog Academy
Blogger + author Ruth Soukup’s advanced course on how to go from making nothing from your blog to making an income from it using tactics she applied to her own site, as well as to her consulting clients. 

Tribe Writers
This is not your typical writing course. It doesn’t go over the essentials of grammar or how to craft a story. Instead it gives writers the tools they need to find their niche and make a living from writing, using their blog as a tool to help connect them with their tribe. 

Bright Eyed and Bloghearted
For those looking to find their voice, craft compelling copy, connect and engage with their readers, this course is for you. Gorgeous, inspirational, packed with videos/mp3s/worksheets that will blow your mind. 

Blog Like A Mag 

Another epic course from Regina that teaches you how to brand and design your website so it looks super pro!


The ULTIMATE Blogging Pinboard

aka, my pinboard. I am slightly obsessed with finding the best blogging advice and freebies. You need to check it out now!

Free Blog School THE best free course on blogging that exists. It will walk you through how to set up your wordpress or squarespace blog and how to craft your posts.



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