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  • My Health ‘Resolutions’

    Resolutions aren’t my thing. I haven’t done any in years first off, due to the fact I never actually do the things I say I’m going to do. Instead I choose to focus each year on making small daily changes, habits that I think will make me healthier and are doable.  Here’s the deal: I’m […]

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  • The Importance of Health

    Friends, we just got back from Bangkok and are trying to catch up on holiday decorating and work! We had a wonderful trip and hope to go back there soon. Today I have Emily talking about the importance of health, beyond losing weight.  Hi everyone!  This is Emily, stopping by for a visit from my blog, […]

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  • Staying Healthy During Winter

    I’m one of those people that ( thankfully) rarely gets sick. But when I do, I usually come down with something that knocks me out for days. When we’re traveling or it’s winter time, we try and make sure we’re eating as healthy as possible and include as many immune boosting superfoods and spices ( […]

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  • Smoothie Heaven

    My Mother’s Day gift was an outing to our new favorite hang out, Juice Raw. They honestly have the best smoothies I have ever had and include some pretty exotic ingredients: ginger, lemongrass, mango, passionfruit….We’ve tried most of them and my favorite hands down is Bananas, which includes peanut butter and mangoes. May not sound […]

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  • Cooking in our home

    As you probably already know, we’re health geeks! We try to buy as much organic as possible, and eat a pescatarian diet  ( ie we eat seafood but no lands animals) Kaya is addicted to passionfruit, which her father just happened to get ahold of this evening! I like anything spicy.  I mean insanely spicy.  […]