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Your Wellness Routine

Developing a nourishing, holistic routine has been an ongoing process for our family. Because while we love love LOVE healthy living, sometimes we get sidetracked by say a cronut, or a cold pint of German beer ( that last one is totally my guilty pleasure).But see, this is where my thoughts on health and wellness may differ from other health conscious folks.

I spent many years of my childhood in Europe, and the basis for everything there was enjoying life, especially savouring a good meal.Back in the 90s, there were few chemicals used and almost no genetically modified foods in Europe. People valued where their food came from, and what went into recipes. This, to me, is what’s important.

  • Cooking with whole foods.
    Avoiding genetically modified frankenfoods
    Purchasing chemical-free or organic over conventional
    Using alternative, side effect free medicine and preventative healthcare
    Valuing a slow, low stress lifestyle

I’m going to guess that like me, you want to create a nourishing routine that’s easy to maintain and feels right for you. That’s why I created this page! I want you to have ample resources and encouragement as you get started on your path to holistic living.Below you’ll find tips I give to my Life Coaching clients and readers, including blog posts I’ve written and courses or books that have been helpful to me.

To really savour your life, slowing down and simplifying is key, in my humble opinion. Getting rid of what weighs you down and clearing up your schedule can have a tremendous affect on your wellbeing. That’s why I always tell my Life Coaching clients who are yearning to pursue their dreams that if they want the clarity necessary to follow their callings, they need to declutter.

And not just get rid of physical clutter, but mental stress too.

Whether you’re a night owl like yours truly and sleep in, or generally wake up super early, you may want to develop a holistic way of starting your day.
That means kissing the shot of caffeine and donut goodbye!
Perhaps you are the most alert and focused in the early hours of the day, so why not do some writing/blogging or journaling?

And instead of the triple shot half caffeinated whatever, sippin’ on some yerba mate or green tea? Or heck, organic coffee? Or fresh juice?

DIY Skincare Products

(or purchase natural ones)

For many years, I never purchased cleanser, toner, or any sort of moisturizer. The chemicals and GMO derived ingredients in mainstream products makes them almost toxic to apply to your body’s largest organ ( your skin).
Recently however, I began making my own facial oil blend, which is a mixture of either tamanu or argan oil and frankincense essential oil. I also have begun experimenting with Sea Buckthorn oil ( loving it so far!) and the Anti aging essential oil blend from Plant Therapy.
I’m also in LOVE with the rich, creamy organic cleanser and moisturizer from Mukti Organics. They have quickly become staples in our home and I travel with them.
Whether you DIY your own skincare products or purchase organic, natural ones, you’re opting out of using the chemical-laden variety sold in most stores, which means you’ll have healthier skin.

Investing In Essential Oils

I’m sort of obsessed with essential oils. It all began when a friend of ours ( a fellow traveling Mama) did a presentation on how she uses them on her 6 kids and hubby. I had no idea how versatile and powerful they can be! I was always taught they were merely to help you feel a certain way, ie lavender for relaxation.
Boy, was I wrong!
I right away purchased an essential oil kit and have been using them ever since. No matter what brand you choose to use, as long as they are high quality and 100 percent pure, you’re going to love them.
I happen to use more than one brand myself, and am always ordering and testing different ones. I’ve found the majority of brands to be sub par, to be honest, so I only buy from one or two companies now.
If you’re not sure where to start with where to order oils and how to use them, read this post.
Feeling burned out? Learn how to create a nourishing routine!

Digging Deeper

If you’re looking for products, courses, and other cool things to help you craft your holistic regime, let me share with you the tools that have helped our family.

For starters, there’s iherb. Cheap international shipping plus huge discounts on everything from vitamins and skin care products to organic mac and cheese. We’ve been using them religiously for 5 years now! Click here for more info.

If you’re looking to make your own natural medicine, check outBulk Herb Storeand Mountain Rose Herbsfor organic herbs and supplies for herbal tinctures, balms, etc. My favorite herbs and such? Goji berries, schizandra ( that’s my key to great skin!), he shou wu, and chaga. Good stuff, and super affordable!

If you’re looking for pre-made tinctures, Surthrival is where it’s at.Want a natural energy boost, or an immune enhancer for the winter months? We love their chaga and reishi extracts!

How about getting a cool kit to create different eco friendly products and crafts with your kids? Home Grown Collective is a pretty awesome monthly subscription box to help you do just that.

For some amazing, world-class herbalism and essential oils training, I highly recommend the Herbal Academy of New England and Vintage Remedies Their online courses are loaded with training, recipes, how tos, colourful illustrations, photos, printables, and videos to help make learning about herbs easy and fun! We are enrolled in all of their courses and highly recommend them!


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