Social Media Tips for Coaches

social media tips for coaches

Whether you’ve just finished your coaching training and are ready to begin working with clients or are a seasoned coach,  social media can help you get in front of your Ideal Clients and begin networking with wellness brands and other holistic businesses.

Building a following on social media can also prove useful when you’re trying to get the attention of publishers to land that book deal you’ve been dreaming about. Or if you desire to self publish, social media can help you spread the word about your book and other offerings.

But let’s be honest here: building a thriving online platform takes time. And it can feel overwhelming and confusing, am I right?

As a digital strategist and blog coach, I help Life & Health Coaches thrive online, especially with Pinterest.  To help you get started on developing a strong social media presence, I’ve created this guide as a resource you can turn to when you need tips & strategies that help you stand out in your coaching niche, and as a personal brand.

I’m always adding to this page/guide, so feel free to pin it for reference and check back often to get new tips and suggestions. 🙂


How to overcome social media overwhelm

I’ve got some great news for you: being on every darn social media network is NOT required. That’s right! If you haaate facebook, don’t use it.

Why am I saying this?

If you aren’t passionate about your blog topic, you’re not going to write a great post. If you dislike your business idea, chances are it won’t be successful one. And if using Twitter makes you feel totally drained and confused, you won’t gain traction on that platform.

And even if you do build a strong social media following on a platform you don’t enjoy using, chances are that at some point you’ll want to quit using it or scale back.

So the best way to avoid social media burnout is to:

  • avoid using the platforms you don’t like
  • if you feel you really need to have your coaching biz promote on a network you don’t like, outsource or automate it

For example, Twitter can easily be automated, as can most Social Media posts. However, you don’t want to automate commenting on people’s Instagram photos and never ever follow/unfollow, which is what some bloggers and brands have done to get their follower numbers high.

Hiring a social media expert or having your VA do your posting is another option. I actually run the Pinterest accounts for some of my VIP clients so they can focus on other areas of their businesses, and also ghostwrite for those who don’t have time or enjoy writing their blog posts.

Read my post on how to overcome social media overwhelm here to get more tips and resources.

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Facebook Groups For Coaches

Strategically using Facebook groups to connect with and help your Ideal Clients is a must, and I suggest to all my clients that if they are going to focus on using Facebook as part of their social media strategy, they put more effort into networking in groups than posting on their Fanpage.

Why is that? The amount of your fans that see your Fanpage posts is low, and unless you’re going to be taking adds to maybe your free opt in offer, it can be pointless to spend money on advertising unless you have a launch or something other than a blog post to promote.

In Facebook groups, you have a ton of people who share a similar goal or interest that you can connect with, and can choose to create your own community/group that focuses on solving a problem your Ideal Client is facing. And that you can help them with!

Read my free in depth guide on Facebook groups for coaches here.


Instagram (as you probably already know) is an inspiring and fun visual social media network that allows you to give your Ideal Clients and peers a glimpse into your life and interests.

It’s probably never going to be your top traffic source to your site, but it’s worth using if your Ideal Clients like to hang out there and enjoy photography.

Health Coaches can especially thrive on Instagram. Because of how popular food photography is on there, posting photos of your day to day meals or wellness regime can do especially well, if your Ideal Client is looking to adopt a similar health eating regime.

But any coach can really benefit from the powerful personal branding tool that is Instagram. Success Coaches can use it to perhaps show photos of meetups they are creating for solopreneurs. Life Coaches can show pictures from their workshops. The list goes on and on.


Instagram Tips For Life Coaches

Check out my affordable audiocourse Thrive on Instagram to learn more about how you can use hashtags and other tools to grow your following on Instagram and more importantly, connect with your Ideal Clients.

social media tips for Life & Health Coaches


Pinterest for Coaches

If you aren’t currently using Pinterest, you need to get on there now and set up an account! I know it’s yet another social media network, but trust me when I say that it will offer you more return on your time than anything else out there.

It’s that effective and important!

The key with Pinterest is to join group boards that have your Ideal Clients, and to pin your blog posts to those boards, as well as your own. This means that in every blog post you create, you need a vertical image with compelling copywriting that is on brand, design wise. 

The above image is an example of an optimal ‘pin’. I use Relay That to create my pins, and either take my own photos or get their from sites such as It doesn’t take long to make an optimal pin and is well worth the effort.

The goal on Pinterest is to both share your own content and pin from other people’s sites that you think your followers ( or group members) would enjoy.

Coaches specializing in helping married couples date more often could join a group board like my Date Night Ideas.

If you are a coach that helps busy entrepreneurs eat healthier, you could join a whole foods or vegan diet board.

You then pin your best, most helpful ( and therefore shareable) content on those boards, as well as repin relevant content from other bloggers/coaches.

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Snapchat is a popular app that allows you to send friends/followers private messages, in text, image, and video form. But there is another, more popular function to it: you can share clips from your daily life to your ‘story’, which your followers can check out as it becomes updated.

While you won’t get much ( if any) traffic from Snapchat, it can be a fantastic way to connect with your Ideal Clients. Life Coaches can use it to show what they do in between coaching session, or announce when a blog post has gone live. Health Coaches & nutritionists can use Snapchat to show new recipes or health tips.

On the downside, it isn’t the most straight forward app to learn how to use. In fact, I had to have a friend who’s an avid user of it actually show me step by step how to use it. At first, it seems like the main thing you can do is send your image/video as a private message to people, but that isn’t the apps main function. Additionally getting followers on Snapchat isn’t easy either. You can’t ( as of yet) search for users. So if you want followers, you need to share your user ID or code to your other social media platforms, in your blog, and to your email list.